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The information presented on this web site is intended to assist those who still maintain a PC running the Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 (Workstation or Server) Operating System.

Most of the data here has been accumulated by the author as various problems relating to the operation of NT 4.0 Workstation were diagnosed and rectified. As such, much of the material presented primarily deals with NT 4.0 Workstation, although in most cases it would be equally relevant in a NT 4.0 Server environment.

I have primarily concentrated on the operation of the OS itself, so problems relating to interaction / performance of applications running on NT 4.0 are not extensively detailed here.

This site contains lots of links to specific files and pages on other web sites on the net. Whilst I attempt to ensure that all the links function correctly, as you can appreciate, the net is a dynamic place and files often get removed, renamed or relocated. If you encounter a 'dead link', have additional information, or believe you have found an error or omission in this site, please contact the author (Calvin) at

Also be aware that ANY file downloaded from the internet poses a security risk to your system. Take all normal steps that you employ when dealing with material of unknown origin. The minimum expected safety procedure would be scanning the files with an up-to-date virus scanner before use.

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Reference Material Index:

ItemLast Update
Troubleshooting and Information Knowledgebase Article List.14 April 2011
Windows NT 4.0 and USB.12 December 2008
Installing Windows NT 4.0 on Large Hard Disk Drives. (>7.8GB)26 October 2009
NT 4.0 Service Pack and Hotfixes Reference.
Cleaning Up a System After Hotfixes / Service Packs.
Making the Latest Hotfixes Work on Workstation.
19 October 2009
Manually Adding or Removing Services and Devices.6 July 2007
Software Power Off on Windows NT 4.0
Power Management and Laptop PCs Running NT 4.0
21 March 2009
Improving Your Windows NT 4.0 Desktop.
Fixing Explorer Taskbar.
Explorer Shell Extensions.
14 October 2009
Windows NT 4.0 and PDF Documents.2 September 2008
Windows NT 4.0 Known Bugs and Limitations.13 October 2009
Windows NT 4.0 A.T.A. D.M.A. H.D.D. Access.13 October 2009
Links to Other Useful NT 4.0 Sites, Software and Tools.30 March 2009
Windows NT 4.0 and Optical Media.23 October 2009
Windows NT 4.0 and Multimedia.3 February 2009
Windows NT 4.0 on MultiProcessor and Symmetrical Processor Systems.24 December 2004
NT 4.0 Registry Entries Reference.29 March 2007
Windows NT 4.0 and PPTP.15 September 2006

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