Windows NT 4.0 Knowledgebase Article List.

This page provides a list of Microsoft Knowledgebase articles that may be of assistance to those fault-finding, maintaining or setting up a NT 4.0 Workstation or Server system. The material presented primarily deals with NT 4.0 Workstation, since that is my primary focus. In most cases however, the Knowledgebase articles would be equally relevant in a NT 4.0 Server environment.

I have primarily concentrated on the operation of the OS itself, so problems relating to interaction / performance of applications running on NT 4.0, or specific hardware problems are not extensively detailed here.

You may notice that some of the entries listed do not include Windows NT 4.0 under the 'Products this article applies to' section. Such articles are included because:

  1. They often provide useful background information or history details that help explain the behaviour of NT 4.0
  2. Expands upon a problem which does affect Windows NT 4.0 (perhaps indirectly), but NT 4.0 is not specifically listed.
  3. Is a more recently issued Microsoft Knowledgebase article detailing a problem relevant to Windows NT 4.0, but NT 4.0 is no longer mentioned in the article because in the opinion of Microsoft it is "obsolete".
Ordinarily, Knowledgebase articles that refer to a problem that has since been resolved by a Service Pack or hotfix (ie: the article is basically 'dead') are not listed here. There are some exceptions to this rule however:
  1. If the article provides useful 'historical' information.
  2. The Hotfix provided by Microsoft does not fully resolve the issue.
  3. The article refers to other Knowledgebase articles or issues which remain unresolved.

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Windows NT 4.0 General Knowledgebase References - Total Article Count = 1843.
Article NumberTitle
51978Order in Which MS-DOS and Windows Assign Drive Letters
67184Square Root (sqrt) in Calculator's Scientific Mode
67321FAT Type and Cluster Size Depends on Logical Drive Size
69013FDISK /MBR Rewrites the Master Boot Record
69912MS-DOS Partitioning Summary
72358FDISK /Status Displays Partition Information
74278PRB: Spy Repeatedly Lists a Single Message
80304"Missing Operating System" and "No ROM BASIC" Error Messages
81823ALT+ENTER Switches Between Window and Full Screen
84481SPY Utility Reports Application Name, Not Module Name
92766ROM BIOS Shadowing Not an Advantage With Windows NT
93496Windows NT File Size and Partition Size Limits
93503Isolating General Printing Problems
93604ISO 9660 Support for CD-ROM
94069Microsoft TCP/IP Protocol Comparison and FAQ
94993INFO: Global Quota for Registry Data
96269Using FTP Batch Scripts
96271Chaining Parent PSP Environment Variables
97558Windows NT Err Msg: Logon Failure
97559How Remote Access Service Processes Datagram Traffic
97597How to Enable Automatic Logon in Windows NT 3.x and 4.0
97819Ambiguous References to Sector One and Sector Zero
980801024 Cylinder Limit, How Windows NT Gets Drive Geometry
98724Password Case Sensitivity and System Error 1219
99145RAS RemoteListen Parameter
99371Err Msg: The Name Already Exists on the Network
99588Windows NT Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)
99590How to Activate the Screen Saver During Logon
99707How Windows NT Provides 4 Gigabytes of Memory
99743Purpose of the BOOT.INI File
99768Optimising Your Paging File (PAGEFILE.SYS)
99770Third-Party Support Needed to Print to SCSI Printers
100010What are Control Sets ? What is CurrentControlSet ?
100011Troubleshooting Windows for Workgroups Interoperability
100108Overview of FAT, HPFS, and NTFS File Systems
100110Overview of Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID)
100312Error Messages During Boot Sequence on Intel x86 Machines
100315Steps Performed by the Emergency Repair Disk
100323Intel x86 Based System Boot Sequence and Files
100372Detecting Windows NT Serial Ports
100843Environment Variables in Windows NT
101063How to Enable a Warning Message During Windows Logon Welcome
101096Error Message: STOP: C0000221 Unknown Hard Error or STOP: STATUS_IMAGE_CHECKSUM_MISMATCH
101191SHARE.EXE Functionality Built Into Windows NT
101228Backup: /MISSINGTAPE Command Line Switch
101229How to Restore Windows NT Over an Existing Installation
101230Definition of Registry Value Data Types
101270Disabling the POSIX Subsystem
101272Memory Parity Errors: Causes and Suggestions
101352Properly Connecting SCSI Devices to Windows NT
101473Replication Overview in the Windows NT Operating System
101501Differences Between a Service and a Device Driver
101507How Windows NT Determines a User's Home Directory
101602Configuring Windows NT for Replication
101626Windows NT Removable Media Requirements and Limitations
101629Second Member of Mirror or Stripe Set Larger than First
101635Explorer and File Manager Cannot Enumerate Path Longer Than 260 Characters
101651Can Delete Directory and Files When Files Read-Only
101670Transaction Log Supports NTFS Recoverability
101668How to Use a Windows Boot Disk to Prevent Boot Failure in Windows 2000 and Windows NT
101702Problems Booting From Shadow Set Secondary Member
101706MS-DOS-Based Multimedia Application Support in Windows NT
101708Platform Restrictions for MS-DOS-Based Graphics Programs
101710Ability to View Any User Account
101776How Windows NT Detects Idle Time
101785Valid TCP/IP Host Names (as Specified by RFC 952)
101789Reconstructing BOOTSECT.DOS
101861Hard Disk Errors 67 and 69
101869Print Manager Reports "Printer Out of Paper" on Serial Port
101875How to Enable ANSI.SYS in a Command Window
101878Windows NT RAS Server Port Reset
101927The Lmhosts File for TCP/IP in Windows
102020How to Monitor Disk Performance With Performance Monitor
102060Increasing the Performance of MS-DOS Based Applications
102067SESSTIMEOUT Information
102116How to Manually Delete Print Shares or Printers
102370Windows NT PIF Editor Can't Save Long Filenames
102418NTVDM Error: There Is No Disk in the Drive
102469How to Display Network Registry Parameters
102629TCP, IP, ICMP, UDP Counters with PERFMON.EXE
102630LAN Manager Heuristics and Windows NT Registry Entries
102634Using Wildcards with NET USE Command
102651Required Settings for Adaptec 1510 SCSI Host Adapter
10266216-Bit Applications Often Cause Random and Diverse Messages
102721Err Msg: Windows NT Could Not Start Because the Following File is Missing or Corrupt: \%Winnt%\System32\Config\SystemHardware Profile/Last Known Good Menu
102725LMHOSTS File Information and Predefined Keywords
102737Differences Between FTP and TFTP
102738File and Record Locking in Windows NT
102873BOOT.INI and ARC Path Naming Convention and Usage
102877ARC Path to Windows NT System Files Changes
102878Information on Browser Operation
102884Migrating Windows 3.1 Groups After Installation
102889Mapping .INI File Entries to the Registry
102901How to Make an MS-DOS 5.0 Boot Disk With Windows
102907How to Troubleshoot Local Logon Scripts with Windows NT
102908How to Troubleshoot TCP/IP Connectivity in Windows 2000 or Windows NT
102942Key Differences Between NETBEUI and NBF
102960REG: Fonts Entries
102963REG: Software Classes Entries
102966REG: Registry Entries for Printing
102967REG: Server Service Entries, Part 1
102969REG: Server Service Entries, Part 2
102971REG: Subsystems Entries, Part 1
102972REG: Subsystems Entries, Part 2
102973REG: TCP/IP Transport Entries, Part 1
102974REG: TCP/IP Transport Entries, Part 2
102976REG: User Preferences Entries, Part 1
102977REG: User Preferences Entries, Part 2
102978REG: User Preferences Entries, Part 3
102979REG: User Preferences Entries, Part 4
102980REG: User Preferences Entries, Part 5
102981REG: Workstation Service Entries
102984 REG: ControlSet\Select Subkey Entries
102985REG: CurrentControlSet Entries, Part 2: SessionManager
102986REG: CurrentControlSet Entries, Part 3
102987REG: CurrentControlSet, Part 1
102988REG: Device Driver Entries, Part 1
102989REG: Device Driver Entries, Part 2: Mouse/Keyboard Driver
102990REG: Device Driver Entries, Part 3: Mouse/Keyboard Driver
102991REG: Device Driver Entries, Part 4: SCSI Miniport
102992REG: Device Driver Entries, Part 5
102993REG: Registry Value Entries - General Introduction
102994REG: Network Adapter Card Entries, Part 2
102995REG: Network Services Entries, Part 1
102996REG: Network Services Entries, Part 2
102997REG: Network Services Entries, Part 3
102998REG: Network Services Entries, Part 4
102999REG: Network Adapter Card Entries, Part 1
103000REG: CurrentControlSet\Services Subkey Entries
103001REG: Network Services Entries, Part 5
103002REG: Network Services Entries, Part 6
103003REG: Network Services Entries, Part 7
103004REG: Network Services Entries, Part 8
103049How to Manually Remove Windows NT or Windows 2000
103104Err Msg: The Win16 Subsystem Was Unable to Enter Protect...
103280Using an Emergency Repair Disk Created by Windows NT
103325WOWEXEC Errors Caused by Incorrect COMMAND.COM File
10336116-Bit Windows Based Applications May Hang w/Network Printer
103368From Command Prompt: "The Name Specified Is Not Recognized..."
103411Windows NT Parallel Ports Do Not Use Interrupts
103470NetBIOS Name Conflicts When NetBEUI Used on Multiple NICs
103625Adding SCSI Controllers to Onboard SCSI
103656Troubleshooting 16-Bit Windows Applications
103659Setup Hangs While Inspecting Hardware; How to Use NTDETECT.COM
103878Overview: Network I/O Redirection
103879Overview: Read Server Message Block Request and Response
103880Overview: Protocol Drivers
103881The ISO Model: Theory and Function of Layered Design
103882Overview: The Network Application Programmer Interface (API)
103883Overview: "Local" I/O Operation
103884The OSI Model's Seven Layers Defined and Functions Explained
103885Overview: Interrupt 21 Hook Optimization
103886OSI Model: Standard Data Flow Architecture
103887Password Encryption
103888OSI Model Data Transfer Services and LAN Manager Requirements
103889Trace Utilities Isolate Data Flow Problems Between Stations
103890Commands, Utilities and Services
103934How to Add More Than Two IDE or ESDI Drives in Windows NT
103951OSI Model: Vertical Interface Terminology
103952Basic Network Architecture Terms
103953Basic Protocol Requirements in Microsoft Network Architecture
103954Protocol Standards Defined by IEEE Project 802 and FDDI
104011HOWTO: Propagate Environment Variable to the System
104074Err Msg: Incorrect Function... When Accessing a CD-ROM
104081Command Line NTBackup Won't Backup Files Using UNC Naming
104169Files That Are Automatically Skipped by the Backup Program (NTBackup.exe) During the Backup and Restore Processes
104204Troubleshooting Directory Replicator Problems
104205How to Remove an Extended NTFS Partition
104429Installing MS-DOS Version 6.2x After Windows NT or Later Is Installed
104474Implementing Scheduled Backups with Windows NT Backup
104902Print Processors and Data Types
105194How to Enable Automatic Logon to a RAS Server
105247Err Msg: There Are No Print Processors...Creating a Printer
105250Cannot use UNC Pathname for Working Directory in Windows NT
105763How To Use NTFS Alternate Data Streams
106167Err Msg: Not Enough Server Storage is Available...
106253Program Priority and Multithreaded Applications
106373Troubleshooting Event Log Error Messages 11 and 12
108082Windows NT Cannot Regenerate Stripe Set With Parity
108393MAXMEM Option in Windows NT BOOT.INI File
108738Browsing Non-Networked Computers Over RAS
108938INFO: Windows WM_SYSTIMER Message is an Undocumented Message
109443Error Messages in Event Log Service Caused by File Size Limit
109524Err Msg: CHKDSK Detected Minor Inconsistencies on the Drive...
109626Enabling Debug Logging For the Net Logon Service
109927Different Interfaces Allow Different Password Lengths
110061Effects of Pausing a Service
110062Print Manager Shows Hidden Printer Shares
110255Performance Drops During Large File Copy
110347Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit Documentation Errors
110695Err Msg: Setup is Unable to Locate the Hard Drive...
110815Font Installer Doesn't Find Non-TrueType Compressed Fonts
111720Event Log: Error 1501
112019Changing Primary Disk System After Installation
112509Error 2013 - Disk Is At Or Near Capacity
112595Service Control Manager Event 7024 (2550)
112991Printer Pools Under Windows NT
113503Overview of Disk Volume Sets in Windows NT
113932Windows NT Fault Tolerance and the Boot and System Partitions
113933Disk Striping and Disk Striping With Parity in Windows NT
113976Using Emergency Repair Disk With Fault Tolerant Partitions
113977Booting From Mirror After Primary Partition is Lost
113996INFO: Mapping NT Status Error Codes to Win32 Error Codes
114089Using the Windows NT NetDDE Share Manager
114463Hiding the Last Logged On Username in the Logon Dialog
114615Bypassing Automatic Logon in Windows NT
114779Overview of Disk Mirroring (RAID Level 1) in Windows NT
114816Faster 8.3 Converted Long Filenames in NTFS
114841Windows NT Boot Process and Hard Disk Constraints
114872Restoring Disk Configuration Information
115388Ping and FTP Resolve IP Address with Leading Zero as Octal
115486HOWTO: Control Device Driver Load Order
115825Accessing the Application Desktop From a Service
115873Ghosted Connections and Remote Access Service
115929Enabling PPP Logging in Windows NT
116043Network Share Access Denied After Limit Met, Then a Disconnect
117131Master Boot Record Not Written to Mirrored Shadow Partition
117373Windows NT Only Recognises up to 64 MB RAM on Some Computers
117633How Browsing Over a Multi-subnet TCP/IP Network Works in a Domain and in a Workgroup
118335Maximum Partition Size Using FAT16 File System
119256Setting Automatic Printing to a File Name in Windows NT
119460Clicking Details Does Not Select Files or Folders
119467How to Create a Bootable Disk for an NTFS or FAT Partition
119490Checking Crashdump File for Corruption
119493NetBIOS over TCP/IP Name Resolution and WINS
119495List of Names Registered With WINS Service
119497Boot Partition Created During Setup Limited to 4 Gigabytes
119743Error Attempting to Delete Groups With Member Groups Present
119919COPY Command Does Not Execute from the AT Command
120151Browsing a Wide Area Network with WINS
120222Plus Sign Appears in Windows Explorer But Not in File Manager
120227Steps to Recover a Failed Mirrored System/Boot Partition
120363Slow Performance on NTFS with Long Filenames
120599Detection of Duplicate IP Addresses by Microsoft TCP/IP
120642TCP/IP and NBT Configuration Parameters for Windows 2000 or Windows NT
120681Files Deleted at MS-DOS Prompt Do Not Go to Recycle Bin
120716How to Remove Files With Reserved Names in Windows NT
120752How to Diagnose Event ID 4320 or 4319
120829XCOPY May Generate Incorrect Error Level
120942Command Line Does Not Update Print Manager
121005DHCP Options Supported by Clients
121007How to Disable the 8.3 Name Creation on NTFS Partitions
121282OpenGL Screen Savers May Degrade Server Performance
121434Specifying the Debugger for Unhandled User Mode Exceptions
121517How to Recover From a Corrupt NTFS Boot Sector
121543Setting Up for Remote Debugging
121543Setting Up for Remote Debugging
121786LPR and LPD Registry Entries for TCP/IP Printing
122052Logical Block Addressing (LBA) Defined
122160Disabling Printing Notification Dialog Boxes in Windows
122526IntelliPoint Mouse Software Not Supported Under Windows NT
122839Error 692: Hardware Failure in Port or Attached...
122857RDISK /S and RDISK /S- Options in Windows NT
122920Inbound Connections Limit in Windows
122926Troubleshooting STOP: 0x0000007B or "0x4,0,0,0" Error
123107LPR Does Not Print PostScript Files Correctly
123315Using MS Loopback Adapter Driver for Network Problems
123747Moving the Windows Default Paging and Spool File
123750Debugging Windows NT Setup STOP Screens
123765The WINNT.SIF File Created by WINNT and WINNT32
123819File Manager I/O Optimizations Slow Other File Transfers
124034OpenGL Interface in Windows NT
124036PPP Dial-Up Sequence
124358RAS Server Assigns Cached IP Addresses to RAS Clients
124541Use UPTOMP.EXE to Upgrade Single Processor to Multiprocessor
124550Err Msg: Windows NT Could Not Start...Ntoskrnl.exe
124551INFO: Configuring Parsing of the AUTOEXEC.BAT File
124594Understanding and Configuring Registry Size Limit (RSL)
124735How Windows NT LPD Server Implements LPR Control Characters
125307EPP and ECP Bi-Directional Port Support
125757Printing Error: Error Writing to LPTx the Device Is Not Ready
125933STOP 0x0000007B: Inaccessible Boot Device After Removing CD-ROM
125953How to Delete a Network Printer Port
126310Error Attempting to Paste Into Clipbook Viewer
126380Troubleshooting CD-ROM Problems in Windows
126402PagedPoolSize and NonPagedPoolSize Values in Windows NT
126423STOP: 0x0000007B "Inaccessible_Boot_Device" - During Setup Disk 2
126464Repair Disk Utility Does Not Update SAM and Security Hives
126608Uni to Multiprocessor Utility Fails to Update System
126690INFO: Windows NT 4.0 Setup Troubleshooting Guide
126713Resetting Default Access Controls on Selected Registry Keys
127018How to Enable Ghosted Connections in Windows NT
127027Windows NT Printing Err Msg: The Requested Resource is in Use
127207Missing Objects and Counters in Performance Monitor
127851Problems Accessing FAT16 Drives Larger Than 2 GB
127897WINSADMN Database Active Column Symbol Descriptions
128167Server Service Configuration and Tuning
128233Comparison of Windows NT Network Protocols
128630How to Recover From a STOP 0x00000058 FTDISK_INTERNAL_ERROR
128642HOWTO: How To Change Hard Error Popup Handling in Windows NT
128647Troubleshooting TCP/IP LAN and RAS Routing Issues
128795Invalid Network Home Directory Specified in User Manager
128978Dead Gateway Detection in TCP/IP for Windows NT
129037Windows NT 3.5x and 4.0 Emergency Repair Process Screens
129050Err Msg: The Extension '.' is Already in Use by File Type ''
129128SUBST Command Does Not Execute in AUTOEXEC.NT
129574Time Stamp Changes with Daylight Savings
129845Blue Screen Preparation Before Contacting Microsoft
129972Computer Viruses: Description, Prevention and Recovery
130029Error Message: The Emergency Repair Disk is Full
130087How to Troubleshoot Windows NT Boot Floppy Disk Problems
130510Command-Line Switches for Windows Explorer
130536Windows Does Not Save Memory Dump After a Crash
130598Cannot Create Folder or 8.3 Filename in All Upper Case
130631Client License Assignment in Per Server Mode
130680Service, Protocol and Adapter Lists Can Appear Blank in NCPA
130794Emergency Repair Process May Fail "Beyond Repair"
130801Common Causes of STOP Messages 0x00000077 and 0x0000007A
130802General Information on STOP 0x0000000A
130828Program Manager Window Moves Upward on Screen
130913How To Cancel NTFS Conversion After Running CONVERT.EXE
130928Restoring a Backup of Windows to Another Computer
130973Windows Media Player Does Not Support Tab Control
130984Unable to Start a Program on the Start Menu
131303Latest Windows 2000 and Windows NT Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)
131470PRINT.EXE Command Fails on Eleventh Try From Batch File
131572Recycle Bin Delete Confirmation Displayed After Being Disabled
131641NetBT Supports One IP Address per NIC
131658Use Ftedit.exe to Recover Fault Tolerant Disk Configuration
131717Network Address Requires Trailing Zeros in NETWORKS File
131735How to Create Windows NT Boot Floppy Disks
131736TCP/IP: Load Balancing vs. Distributed Network Sessions
131868How to Troubleshoot PCMCIA Modems in Windows NT
131902Printer Browse Thread May Cause Extensive Network Traffic
131976How to Disable Detection of Devices on Serial Ports
132309Wizards Do Not Appear in ALT+TAB Task List
132460Troubleshooting Windows Print Server Alteration of Print Jobs
132475Determining If a Service Pack Has Been Installed
132512Selecting a Computer Type Before Windows NT Setup Begins
132574File Does Not Open When You Drag the File to a Shortcut
132579SHIFT+DEL Does Not Bypass the Recycle Bin
132634Deleted Briefcase Loses Icon When Restored From Recycle Bin
132653Cannot Uninstall Briefcase in Add/Remove Programs
132660Invalid Characters Allowed When Creating File Association
132667Icon Spacing Does Not Take Effect Automatically
132668Icons Randomly Change to Different Icons
132739Setup Disks Created With WINNT /O Fail to Find Hard Disk
132866DOCERR: Printing an OpenGL Image
133241Browsing Domain Master Browsers w/ Multiple NICs and Protocols
133491How to Add an IDE Drive and Controller to SCSI Windows NT System
133725Missing Menu Commands in the Fonts Folder
133732Missing TrueType Fonts in Fonts Folder or Programs
133733Icons Displayed Incorrectly in Control Panel
134237Taskbar is Not Visible in Windows
134425Event ID 7000: %1 Not A Valid Windows NT Application
134493Cannot Synchronise Files With Briefcase After Moving
134552Shortcut Key for Shortcut Does Not Work
134846Problem With File Manager Associations
134849How to Create a Cascading Menu on the Start Menu
134854Windows NT LPR Does Not Support Job Removal
134908SCSI Miniport Data Transfer Restrictions for IDE Controllers
134985Browsing & Other Traffic Incur High Costs over ISDN Routers
134992MODE Command: "Printer Output is Not Being Rerouted"
135268How to Use CACLS.EXE in a Batch File
135405Repairing a Corrupted WINS Database w/ Starting Version Count
135406Steps to Manually Remove and Reinstall a Printer Driver
135527Err Msg: Windows NT Could Not Be Started as Configured
135593Bottom Portion of CD Player is Inaccessible
135604DIR /O:N /S Does Not Sort Directory Names in Alphanumeric Order
135844WINS Manager Shows WINS Servers That Are Not Present
135955JPEG and GIF Files Open in Internet Explorer
136214How to Test Autorun.inf Files
136517How the Recycle Bin Stores Files
136547Restoring Windows NT Dual Boot After Installing Windows 95
136712Common Questions About Browsing with Windows
136888How to Play FreeCell Without a Mouse
137064Unable to Read Error 52225 During Windows NT Setup
137065Print Jobs Looping Continuously in Print Manager
137155Users Without System32 Permissions Cannot Log On
137367Definition of RunOnce Keys in the Registry
137474Cannot Create Partition Greater than 1GB During NT Setup
137503Default Windows Spool Directory and Permissions
137513User Manager Cannot Rename a Group
137539General Causes of STOP 0x0000007F Errors
137582Using WINSCL.EXE
137848Creating User and Group Reports in Windows
137890HOWTO: Create a User-Defined Service
137984TCP Connections States and Netstat Output
137987NET VIEW May Cause Semaphore Time Out and Event ID 3210
138117Err Msg: The Backup Set is Not Completely Cataloged
138258Windows NT Debug Symbol Setup Information
138340Trouble Quitting Program Started with AT.EXE Scheduler
138364Windows NT Partitioning Rules During Setup
138365How Autodisconnect Works in Windows NT and Windows 2000
138404How To Use License Manager on a Windows NT Workstation
138449Using and Troubleshooting the TCP/IP Scope ID
138604Minimized Program Goes to End of Switching Order
139103Replication to Import Computers in a WAN Environment
139104FTP Session Lost Shelling Out Using "!" and CTRL+C Commands
139270How to Change Name Resolution Order on Windows 95 and Windows NT
139342Incorrect Permissions in Registry Cause Unpredictable Results
139410Err Msg: There Are Currently No Logon Servers Available...
139427Using Long Filenames With the Run Command
139453NET TIME Does Not Report Correct Remote Time in Windows NT
139471Unable to Change Domain Name of Windows NT BDC
139608SMB Traffic During Windows NT Domain Logon
139815Windows NT Service Packs and OEM Drivers
139820Moving or Removing Disks & Fault Tolerant Drive Configurations
139822How to Restore a Backup to Computer With Different Hardware
139843Recovering From Stop 21A Caused by Disk Mirror Sets
139952Slower Modem Speed Reported After Upgrading Windows
139986CD-ROM Drive Not Recognised After Installing Windows NT
140058How to Prevent Auditable Activities When Security Log is Full
140060Floppy Disk is Not Accessible, Not Formatted, or Not Recognized by Windows
140084Permissions Error Creating an LPR Printer
140346Possible Reasons for OLE Control Registration Failure (RegSvr32)
140364Registry Size Limit Change Results in PagedPoolSize Change
140365Default Cluster Size for FAT and NTFS
140375Default MTU Size for Different Network Topology
140443How to Create a Shortcut on the Desktop
140551NetDDE Requires Username/Password When Connecting to WinNT
140552How to Optimize Windows NT to Run Over Slow WAN Links With TCP/IP
140570HOWTO: Move Files That Are Currently in Use
140646How to Start Windows Explorer By Double-Clicking My Computer
140779WinLogon "Shutdown and Power Off" Menu Option
140748How to Hide Font Variations in the Fonts Folder
140859TCP/IP Routing Basics for Windows NT
141017How to Add Items to the "Send To" List
141018Rearranging Icons While Renaming File Renames Wrong File
141117Common Cause of "Error Performing Inpage Operation" Explained
141187User Must and Cannot Change Password
141188BOOT.INI Not Cleaned Up After Repartitioning
141190Disk Administrator Stops When Zip Drive is Present (Applies all Removable Media Drives)
141210How to Close a Folder and All Its Parent Folders
141212How to Open the Find Tool by Double-Clicking a Folder
141242STOP Msg: 0x0000001E Testing New Fault Tolerance Boot Disk
141275How to Open a File with Other Than Associated Program
141276How to View System and Hidden Files in Windows
141377Differences Between Regedit.exe and Regedt32.exe
141379Using SCSI CD-ROM Recorders With Windows NT
141383"P" Switch for Route Command Added in Windows
141468Additional Pagefile Created Setting Up Memory Dump
141588Services Not Closed Properly During Forced Shutdown
141589How to Restore Share Definitions To Another Server
141591Clarification of Enhanced IDE Under Windows NT
141598How to Format Floppy Disk in Windows Explorer or My Computer
141702How to Recover Mirroring Windows NT Using IDE Devices
141708Printing to LPD Printer is Slow or Fails with Windows
141831System Locks Up When Accessing Floppy Drive
141832How to Change the Boot Disk Order With Multiple SCSI Adapers
142026Err: "Hidden Console of WOW VDM" Running 16-bit or MS-DOS App
142027Troubleshooting NET USE Failure (When PING NetBIOS Name Works)
142049File Manager Displays Incorrect Users With File Open
142059Err Msg: "Could Not Set Printer" if Port Name Includes Comma
142271Missing COMMAND.COM Causes Hidden Console Error
142372Windows NT Support For Long File Names Under CDFS File System
142606ErrMsg: Procedure Entry Point Could Not Be Located
142635Cannot Change the Drive Letter of Removable Drive
142660Upgrade From Uni to Multiprocessor (Uptomp.exe) and Win32k.sys
142676Overcoming User32.dll Initialisation Failure Errors
142719Windows Reports Out of Resources Error When Memory is Available
142863Valid IP Addressing for a Private Network
142865Microsoft Support Policy on Hardware Not in the Windows Catalog (Windows HCL)
142869Event ID 3210 and 5722 Appear When Synchronizing Entire Domain
142898How to Assign a Shortcut Key to a Start Menu Item
142905How to Launch a Program Before the Shell at Logon
142982How Windows Creates 8.3 File Names From Long File Names
143153Event ID 8003, 8009 and 8013 Appear If Subnet Mask Incorrect
143164INF: How to Protect Windows NT Desktops in Public Areas
143242Externally Locked System Files Can Cause SP Update Failure
143473FIX: Unattended Setup Stops Unexpectedly
143474Restricting Information Available to Anonymous Logon Users
143475Windows NT System Key Permits Strong Encryption of the SAM
145600Creating Mirror Fails With Insufficient Disk Space
145881How to Use Jetpack.exe to Compact a WINS or DHCP Database
145941Cannot Boot to MS-DOS On a Windows NT Mirrored FAT Partition
146050Modifying Ntuser.dat Hive So New Users Get Defined Settings
146092How to Increase Shutdown Time for Services to Close Properly
146110Unable to Remove Network Connection Created by AT Scheduler
146219How to Register an ActiveX Control (.ocx) Manually (RegSvr32)
146303How to Manipulate Unloaded Registry Hives Using RegFind
146332Display Driver May Not Reset Refresh Rate During Setup
146333How to Remove Network Adapters From the Registry
146887Repairing Windows NT After the Application of Service Pack 3
146906How to Secure Performance Data in Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP
147224Shared Icon Does Not Appear in Windows NT Explorer After Sharing a Folder with a Long Filename
147347Application Error in SPOOLSS.EXE When Printing
147676Cannot Detect IDE CD-ROM Attached to Sound Blaster Card
147690Recovering From Boot Failure Affecting Mirrored Drives
147706How to Disable LM Authentication on Windows NT
147714Windows Sockets 2 Service Provider Interface Limitations
147797Manually Removing Network Adapter Entries From the Registry
147859ErrMsg: NET PRINT May Cause Internal Error
148425Duplexed Mirror Generation Fails With Insufficient Space
148426Troubleshooting Event ID 3013
148437Default NTFS Permissions in Windows NT
148501Preventing PCI Resource Conflicts on Intel-Based Computers
148658How to Load Windows NT MEMORY.DMP File Using I386KD.EXE
148659How to Set Up Windows NT Debug Symbols
148660How to Verify Windows Debug Symbols
148942How to Capture Network Traffic With Network Monitor
148954How to Set Up a Remote Debug Session Using a Modem
148978Bugcheck 0x0000001E with Exception Code of 0x80000004
149131Windows NT FTP Client Creates 0-Byte File
149176Changing a Password From a Remote Windows Computer
149259Windows 95 Uninstall Does Not Restore Dual-Boot Manager
149283INFO: Rollback.exe on Windows NT 4.0 CD Destroys Critical System Info
149305PCMCIA Network Cards May Fail to Start During NT Installation
149532Windows NT Clients Run Out of Ports
149533OLE Problems When Running 16-Bit Applications on Windows NT
149641How To: How the Service Control Manager Manages Passwords
149664Verifying Domain Netlogon Synchronization
149741Using Upper Case Letters in Find Tab in Help Does Not Work
149861How Authentication Works for Net Use Command
149876Print Preview Command in WordPad Truncates Words
149877Boot Record Signature AA55 Not Found
149902Limitations of POSIX Applications on Windows NT
149907Browsing a Remote Network from a DUN Client Using Only TCP/IP
149927FTedit.exe: What You Can and Cannot Use It For
150154Printing to LPR Ports and HP-UX Compatibility
150215Disabling Automatic Network Shortcut Resolution
150256No Context Menu for Root Object in Windows Explorer
150298Renaming a Windows NT PDC or BDC
150424Using an Unsupported Modem With Windows NT RAS
150497How to Repair Windows NT System Files Without a CD-ROM Attached
150498ErrMsg: Error Writing to LPT1: System Cannot Find File Specified
150520WINS Server Sporadically Loses Name Resolution
150734List of Bugs Fixed in Windows NT 4.0 and Terminal Server Edition Service Pack 4 (Part 1)
150737Setting Primary and Secondary WINS Server Options
150777INFO: Descriptions and Workings of OLE Threading Models
150800Domain Browsing With TCP/IP and LMHOSTS Files
150808Disabling Support for Unimodem Modems in Remote Access
150919How to Prevent a User From Changing the User Profile Type
150930LPD Server Adds and Prints Control Codes
150934How to Create a Performance Monitor Log for NT Troubleshooting
151176Policy Registry Entries (Default User)
151237Error Message When Installing TCP/IP or Adding TCP/IP Service
151376How to Disable Autochk if it Stops Responding During Boot
151388Setup Prompts for CD-ROM When Installing to Removable Drive
151414Windows 95/98 Partition Types Not Recognised by Windows NT
151427Server Service May Fail After Installing Network Card
151581Cannot Upgrade Windows 95 to Windows NT Workstation 4.0
151723How to Re-create Default Icons Deleted From Desktop
151760Error 20091 When Client Dials RAS Server Using TCP/IP
151981How to Set Up a Remote Debug Session Using a Null Modem Cable
152078Determining the Product Option of a Windows NT Setup
152081Use of Raw Data Transfer Mode Influenced by Application
152122How to Customise the Start or Programs Menu
152160Disk Administrator Cannot Always Save Disk Configuration
152220How to View and Remove Information from AutoDial
152457Windows Explorer Command-Line Options
152513Troubleshooting Performance Monitor Counter Problems
152721Low on Registry Quota Error Gives Wrong Steps for Resolution
152733Command Prompt Copy Command Strips Read Only Attribute
152734How to Obtain the Latest Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack
152851Cannot Change System File Attribute in Windows Explorer
153000All Drives in My Computer Are Hidden
153183How to Restrict Access to the Registry From a Remote Computer
153296Write Cache on IDE/ATAPI Disks Is Not Flushed on Shut Down
153355Error Message: "Print Processor Is Unknown"
153477Print Manager: Unable to Configure Print Monitors
153719How to Re-Sync PDC/BDC Trust After Event IDs 3210 and 7023
153742STOP 0x0000006F During System Initialisation
153762How to Set Up Dual Boot After You Install Windows
153839Tape Backup Restore Fails on Extremely Full Volumes
153973Recovering NTFS Boot Sector on NTFS Partition
153981Error Message: Windows Cannot Find Autorun.exe
154027Print Manager Hangs if Printer Description Has Multiple Commas
154029Adding Microphone, Volume Control, Option Button Properties
154052Explanation of x86 Boot Drive Limitations
154062How to Set Up a Windows PPTP Client
154120Debugging User Profiles and System Policies in Windows NT 4.0
154129Changing the Root Directory for Windows NT
154410New WINS Registry Entries in Windows NT 4.0
154418Cannot Upgrade Windows 95 to Windows NT Workstation 4.0
154498How to Print to Network Printer from MS-DOS Based Programs
154500Alternative Mouse Pointers for Windows 95/98/ME and Windows NT 4.0
154501How to Disable Automatic Machine Account Password Changes
154529How to Enable the NUM LOCK Key for the Logon Screen
154538WinNT 4.0 Upgrade CD Will Not Upgrade WinNT 4.0 Installation
154599How to Associate a Username With a Security Identifier (SID)
154608NETBIOS Node Status Query Returns First Instance of Unique Name
154639Printer Icon Not Updated After Changing Port Type
154642Power Management in Windows NT 4.0
154646Setup Stops With Blank Screen During Final Boot
154647Setup Halts With "Windows Has Disabled Direct Disk Access"
154674PPTP Registry Entries
154690How to Troubleshoot Event 9 and Event 11 Error Messages
154733Error Accessing Boot Sector File \\BOOTSS
154777Document Not Printed and No Error Message Received
154808How to Create a Common Folder in Windows NT 4.0
154877OpenGL 1.1 Release Notes and Components
154907How to Enable or Disable Quick View
154916Cannot Switch to Running Control Panel Tool
154997Description of the FAT32 File System
155011INFO: Error Codes in Windows NT (Part 1 of 2)
155012INFO: Error Codes in Windows NT (Part 2 of 2)
155019Volume Control Tool Has Select Option Instead of Mute
155034Dual Booting Between Windows NT Workstation 4.0 and Windows 95
155053Black Screen on Boot
155075Cannot End Service Processes with Task Manager
155117Shutdown and Power Off Does Not Appear on Shut Down Menu
155118IDE Controller Marked as SCSI in Boot.ini File
155119Cannot Start Windows NT 4.0 After Installing Previous Version
155157Error Changing Password at Logon With Dial-Up Networking
155180Granting RAS Dialin Permissions to a Group of Users
155197HOWTO: Unattended Setup Parameters for Unattended.txt File
155217How to Enable or Disable Automatically Running CD-ROMs
155222How to Determine the ARC Path
155234Computer Restart After Text-Mode Setup Fails
155235Error: Could Not Add Port: The Printer Already Exists
155263This Application is Not Supported by Microsoft Windows
155267Registry Editors Installed by Windows NT 4.0
155311Choosing Sound System for MIDI Enables MIDI on All Sound Cards
155315Cannot Log On After User Access to Boot Partition Removed
155345How to Re-Create Administrative Shares in Windows NT
155373Compaq Laptops Restart Instead of Powering Down
155395Multiple Instances of Control Panel Tool Started
155396FreeCell Help Opens Extra Windows
155558Deleting Clipbook Page Causes Overwrite of Clipboard Contents
155564EXPAND Command Does Not Recognise Path With Spaces
155572REM Does Not Prevent Parsing of FOR Statement in Batch File
155579Shell Does Not Start After Logon
155580Second PC-Card Hard Disk on Fourth IDE Channel Not Configured
155587No Administrative Tools or Common Folders Available
155620ATAPI Devices Listed in SCSI Adapters Tool
155642Desktop Icon Positions Lost if Windows NT Exporer Restarted
155676Enhanced Metafile Spooling Architecture in Windows NT 4.0
155681Troubleshooting Display Problems in Windows NT 4.0
155717Windows NT 4.0 Installation Cannot Be Copied or Moved
155722Wrong Icons Displayed After Upgrade to Windows NT 4.0
155724Energy Star Compliance Feature Unavailable in Windows NT 4.0
155736CD Player Seems to Hang With Multiple-CD Changer
155892Windows NT Boot Problem: Kernel File is Missing From the Disk
155923Opening My Computer is Slow With Multiple-Disc CD-ROM Changer
155925Non-SCSI Devices Added Using SCSI Adapters Tool
155926Media Player Does Not Recognise Multiple CD-ROM Drives
155941Phonebook Entry is Not Updated After Changing Modem
155956Cannot Restore Default Settings for Shutdown Button
155979Windows NT/2000 Backup Does Not Recognize Windows 95/98 Backup Tapes
155981Time Updated for Daylight Savings More Than Once
156052Emergency Repair Disk Information Requires a 1.44-MB Floppy Disk
156065Shortcut Key Launches Multiple Instances of Program
156078How to Clean Up Invalid Registry Entries in Visual C++ and in Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC)
156082Windows Printer Driver Support
156210Cannot Expand or Extend the Stripe Set After Creation
156212Changing a User's Default Printer in the Registry
156214Unclear Error Message Printing From Windows NT Diagnostics
156258Command Prompt Does Not Recognise End-of-File Character
156260Task Manager Performance Tab Not Displayed Correctly
156276Cmd.exe Does Not Support UNC Names as the Current Directory
156277Windows NT Stops When Using Matrox Millenium Driver
156280How to Use Dumpchk.exe to Check a Memory Dump File
156285Windows NT Does Not Detect or Install Sound Cards
156286Error Message: Cannot Play Back the Video Stream...
156328Description of Windows NT Emergency Repair Disk
156344Plug and Play Devices Not Detected or Installed
156358How to Manually Add Support for a Second Processor
156360Running a 16-bit Application in Separate Memory Space from a File Manager or Explorer Association
156365Hidden Shares Not Available After You Use the System Policy Editor
156366How to Run Windows NT Explorer As a Seperate Process
156432Windows NT 4.0 Policy Restriction Error at Logon
156458Net.exe Can Use Hidden Switches /Y /N for Unconditional Yes/No
156522Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Service Cannot Be Paused or Stopped
156530Setup Stops When Inspecting Computer Hardware Configuration
156560Free Space Required to Convert FAT to NTFS
156568How to Assign the Administrator Profile to Other Users
156569How to Connect to Internet Service Providers from Windows NT 4.0
156571How to Perform Scandisk in Windows NT
156572How to Install the FTP Server Service in Windows NT 4.0
156601Computer Pauses at Blue Startup Screen for 30 to 45 Seconds
156612Using Windows NT 3.5x Uptomp.exe to Upgrade Windows NT 4.0 Systems to Multiprocessor
156640How to Troubleshoot a STOP 0xC0000218 Error Message
156669How to Troubleshoot a STOP 0xC000021A
156654How to Disable the Installation of Exchange (Mail Client) During Setup
156677Logoff Screen Saver Does Not Function in Windows NT
156687Entries in Config.nt or Autoexec.nt May Cause NTVDM Errors
156691System Attribute Checkbox Disabled in Explorer and My Computer
156698Disabling Access to Network Resources Using System Policies
156699Limitations of "Run Only Allowed Windows Applications"
156702Windows NT 4 "Browse Folders Using a Seperate Window" Option
156795HOWTO: Using Sysdiff.exe With Unattended Setup and Windows NT 4.0
156802Windows NT Mode Command Does Not Have Retry Parameter
156813How To: Controlling Which Accessories are Installed in Unattended Setup
156854BUG: Windows NT Version 4.0 Bug List - Multimedia
156876INFO: Using UDF Files With Windows NT 4.0 Unattended Setup
156903Boot Loader Screen Keeps Repeating During Setup
156932Asynchronous Disk I/O Appears as Synchronous on Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP
156964Windows NT 4.0 Cannot Remove/ReInstall Internet Explorer 2.0
157069"Can't Access This Folder. Path is Too Long" Error
157172How to Create Custom Forms in Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000
157173Ntbackup.exe Generates Error Using 4-Character Description
157301Shutdown of 16-bit Named Pipe Client Causes GPF in Netapi.dll
157330Windows NT 4.0 PostScript Driver Prints Only Last Page
157361INFO: How to Automatically Log On After an Unattended Setup
157485Taskbar Leaves Trail on Programs with Auto Hide Enabled
157576INFO: How to Troubleshoot the Sysdiff Tool in Windows NT
157662Empty Security Log in Event Viewer
157742WOW Applications Calling KillTimer() API May Leak Memory
157895No Context Menu for Clock.exe on Taskbar
157920INFO: How to Prevent Welcome to Windows NT Screen During Setup
157963Setacl.exe Not Available in Windows NT 4.0 (Fixacls.exe)
157979NT/RDR: "Access Denied" with Windows NT 4.0 Ntbackup
157992How to Triple Boot to Windows NT, Windows 95/98 and MS-DOS
158042"Operation Could Not Be Completed" When Using Add Printer Wizard
158141How to Specify Additional Environment Space Under Windows NT
158148Domain Secure Channel Utility - Nltest.exe
158155SAS Window: Winlogon.exe Error
158185Ntdetect Message Appears Twice During System Startup
158356Add Print Wizard May Not Display List of Printers
158362Drive Letters Assigned in Disk Administrator Disappear on Restart
158376"Stop 0x0000021a" During Setup
158387RAS Server Cannot Use DHCP to Assign Addresses w/ PPTP Filtering
158388Useful Resource Kit Utilities for Domain Administrators
158398Automating Network Printer Setup
158423Windows NT ERD Will Not Allow Repair Without Compact Disk Installed
158447INFO: How to Run a Program Only Once After Unattended Setup of Windows NT
158457Defining Local and Remote Drive Visibility Under Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000
158458Frequent Browsing Causes Explorer Settings to Revert
158484INFO: How to Set the Administrator Password During Unattended Setup
158568Installing Retired or Third-Party SCSI Drivers During Setup
158588Obtaining Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) from NTFS Files
158675How to Cancel CHKDSK After it Has Been Scheduled
158682Shortcuts Created Under Windows NT 4.0 Resolve to UNC Paths
158824Using Quotation Marks With Set Path= Statement Fails
158866How to Manually Create an Emergency Repair Disk
158873How to Enable IDE DMA Bus-Mastering Using SP2
158942Windows NT Hangs with BIOS Power Management Enabled
158950Auto Detection of Identical Network Adapters Finds Only One
158995Unable to Change the Startup Parameter When a Service Hangs
159045Error Message: Tape Drive Error Detected
159046Ntbackup.exe Does Not Work With Removable-Media Drives
159168Multiple Default Gateways Can Cause Connectivity Problems
159199A File Cannot Be Deleted or Accessed on an NTFS Volume
159211Diagnoses and Treatment of Black Hole Routers
159213MSINFO: A Tool to Investigate DLL and Executable Modules
159214How to Use the Windiff.exe Utility
159217RESKIT: RshSvc Leaks Process Handles
159218Proper Backup of Open Files Using Ntbackup
159461Mirroring of Software Fault Tolerant Solutions
159564NT 4.0 Resource Kit Utilities Corrections and Comments
159580WordPad Does Not Show Printer Fonts
159865How to Distinguish a Physical Disk Device From an Event Message
159927Cannot Delete Certain User Profiles
159936Using the Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 95 System Policy Editor
159969AutoLogon Fails If DontDisplayLastUserName Is Also Enabled
160142Printer Operators Cannot Create DLC Ports
160174DOCERR: Steps to Make PPTP Connection Incomplete in WNTRK 4.0
160324Event ID 5721 After Deleting Computer Account
160458How to Change the Mouse Driver in Windows NT 4.0
160495Err Msg: C000026C Unable to Load Device Driver...
160513Alternatives to the Directory Replicator Service
160658Stop C000021A Using MoveFileEx MOVEFILE_DELAY_UNTIL_REBOOT
160783Error Message: Users Cannot Log On to a Workstation
160792"Snap to Default" Mouse Feature Not Working
160793Additional Desktop Restrictions Available Through Registry Modifications
160861Printers May Produce Garbled Output After a Print Job Is Deleted
160899How to Hide Boot.ini Entries from Displaying After Multiple Installations
160900Windows NT Users May Lack Permission to Change Password
160963CHKNTFS: What You Can Use It For
161070Step by Step Roaming Profiles Configuration
161081Windows NT Imaging Scanning Options Unavailable
161275Interaction of File and Folder Security on NTFS Volumes
161334Guide To Windows NT 4.0 Profiles and Policies (Part 1 of 6)
161372How to Enable SMB Signing in Windows NT
161410How to Set Up a Private Network Over the Internet Using PPTP
161429Configuring a Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 DHCP Server for Unicast
161516Troubleshooting Modem Problems Under Windows NT 4.0
161563How Windows NT Handles Drive Translation
161564How to Adjust MS-DOS Application Environment Size
161565Modifying Setup.log to Expedite File Repair
161571Using DHCP "Superscopes" to Serve Multiple Logical Subnets
161703"Stop 0x0000001E" Error Message During Setup
161710MPS Install Removes Default Windows NT Administrative Shares
161734Windows NT and Windows 2000 Print Browsing Architecture
161801Chkdsk Reports an Erroneous Event ID 41
161983ACC: RegSvr32a.exe Available in Download Centre
161986Troubleshooting Internet Service Provider Logon Problems
161993SET: How to Suppress Registry Editor Dialog Window
162001Do Not Disk Duplicate Installed Versions of Windows
162031Blank Screen or Operating System Cannot Load Profile at Logon
162055Ipconfig and Winipcfg Display Only One Default Gateway Address
162170How to Remove Default Desktop Icons
162186SCSISCAN Does Not Detect Multiple Scanners
162205"STOP 0x1E" Message Reinstalling Windows NT With SP3 and RAS
162218Unable to Rename WinNT Root Dir After Upgrade to WinNT 4.0
162230Fragmentation and Performance Issues with PPTP Connections
162293Troubleshooting RAS Client Issues in Windows NT 4.0
162326Using TRACERT to Troubleshoot TCP/IP Problems in Windows
162363Understanding and Troubleshooting the Stop 0x0000009C Screen
162471Windows NT May Not Recognise SCSI Devices Using Nonzero LUNs
162500Invalid Page Fault Opening File in Microsoft Paint
162624How to Create Multiple Stripe Sets On the Same Disk Array.
162694How to Capture Modem Commands in Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000
162705Incorrect Colors Printed on HP Laserjet Color 5
162717Autodial Settings Lost When Using Roaming Profiles
162768Cannot Access Data Disk in CD Drive When CD Player is Running
162779Control Panel Fails to Stop an Already Stopped Service
162790Auto Arrange Activates Itself in Copied User Profiles
162807Err Msg: RAS Error 633: The Port Is In Use or Not Configured
162837Replacing TCP/IP After SP2 Causes STOP 0x00000050
162846Preparing to Create or Modify a Fault Tolerant Set
162847Troubleshooting PPTP Connectivity Issues in Windows NT 4.0
162972Troubleshooting Tape Backup Issues in Windows NT
163215System Policies May Not Work With Third-Party GINA.DLLs
163391Troubleshooting Problems Communicating on the Internet
163401How to Disable Network Redirector File Caching
163409NetBIOS Suffixes (16th Character of the NETBIOS Name)
163508STOP 0xA in Ntfs.sys During Reboot
163551Troubleshooting Printing Problems in Windows
163661Remove Old Drivers Before Installing Windows NT 4.0
163911Cacls.exe May Not Redirect Output to a File
164015Understanding TCP/IP Addressing and Subnetting Basics
164052PPTP and Interoperability with Other Local Machine Services
164115Play Button Unavailable When CD is Reinserted in CD-ROM Drive
164127OLE Error Running Applications After Applying Service Pack 2
164202Booting to Secondary Installation When Boot.ini Is Set to Zero
164262Windows Explorer Refresh Changes Current Selection
164351Command Prompt's Treatment of Long File Extensions
164378WinNT SP2 or SP3 Atapi Does Not Support Ultra DMA Devices
164386Print Disk Administrator Screen to Record Hard Drive Information
164448Error Message: Load Needed DLLs for Kernel
164471Replacing System Files Using a Modified Emergency Repair Disk
164486Winlogon May Fail if the Third-Party Gina.dll File is Missing or Corrupted
164487Briefcase May Take a Long Time to Update
164538Using Older Registry or Repair Disk With Internet Explorer 4.0
164539How to Determine Which Version of Internet Explorer is Installed
164601How to Enable PPTP Port for Network Monitor
164629Error Message: Default Printer Cannot Be Set
164659Using Basic AT Modem Commands
164740Start Menu Appears to the Right of the Start Button
164787INFO: Windows Rundll and Rundll32 Interface
164932WordPad Crashes with Wrong Version of MFC42U.DLL
165124Australian Time Zones End Daylight Saving Time on Wrong Date
165126Cannot Delete File Using Windows NT Explorer
165214Troubleshooting MS-DOS-Based Programs in Windows
165418Before Installing a Windows NT Service Pack
165429Stop 0x0000001E in Ntoskrnl.exe Caused by an Invalid VCB
165467How to Install a Windows-Based Program on a Dual-Boot Computer
165486Customising Windows for Individuals With Disabilities
165590File Errors From 16-Bit OLE Applications
165646Program Settings Lost After Internet Explorer Setup or Uninstall
165695How to Add or Remove Windows Desktop Update
165710Creating an Emergency Repair Disk Fails - Disk Unusable
165748How to Disable a Service or Device That Prevents NT From Booting
165763Windows NT Does Not Recognize a Space in a Registry Value
165774Windows NT Does Not Detect Serial IntelliPoint Mouse
16581316-bit Applications Cause Access Violation in NTDLL.DLL
165815How to Troubleshoot Event ID 2009 Errors
165863Troubleshooting "Stop 0x0A" Messages in Windows 2000 and Windows NT
165959Reading a File Saved with the Event Viewer of Another Computer
166000Landscape Orientation Not Available for Generic/Text Only Driver
166028INFO: Installing Third-Party Video Drivers With Txtsetup.oem Unattended
166157Emergency Repair Disk Error Message: "The following value in the setup information file..."
166159Delay in NETBIOS Connections From a Multihomed Computer
166160Stop C000021a after Applying Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack
166175Windows NT May Crash When Dismounting NTFS Volume
166184Event ID 3870: Not a Valid Computer Name
166238Problems Caused by Disabling Original Profile on Some Devices
166299How to Remove Dial-Up Networking From My Computer
166320Cannot Remove File Association in File Types Dialog Box
166348Maximum Number of ACEs in an ACL
166454Using FDISK /MBR to Troubleshoot Windows NT Boot Problems
166485Removing Entries in WINS From Other Non-Existent WINS Servers
166526NT Explorer Clears Archive Attribute after Perms Change
166638How the Default User Policy is Implemented
166656Shared Directories Not Accessible With Windows NT 4.0
166750ARP Cache Entries May Not Time Out For 10 Minutes
166791Windows Explorer Error: Unable to Copy Disk on This Drive
166819Using Sc.exe and Netsvc.exe to Control Services Remotely
166820INFO: Unattended Installation of PowerToys in WinNT Server Reskit 4.0
166828Upgrade Installation of Windows NT 4.0 Results in STOP Errors
167001Winmsd.exe May Show Invalid Drive Statistics in Reports
167012INFO: Setting Control Panels Tools to Start After Unattended Setup
167019New OLE Features and Enhancements in WinNT 4.0 Service Pack 2
167045Reasons Why Windows NT Does Not Boot From a Shadow Mirror Drive
167046Add Printer Wizard May Hang After Adding a Port
167102Cannot Open Devices or Modem Tool in Control Panel
167151Error Message: Setup Cannot Find Oemsetup.inf or Oemsetnt.inf
167185Problems After Restoring Older Registry or ERD
167208Sound Schemes Do Not Migrate to Other Users
167220How to Create Custom Calling Card Rules
167233Windows NT Boot Error Msg: Missing Last Known Good Menu
167320Fixacls.exe Not Available in Windows NT Server 4.0 Resource Kit
167362STOP 0x00000050 in Srv.sys When Shutting Down Computer
167364Automating AUTOADMINLOGON Locally When Joining a Domain
167365The Order Than WINS Returns 1Ch Entries
167394Installed Modem Detected as Serial Mouse on Restart
167652New Installation of Windows NT 4.0 Results in STOP 0x00000050
167685How to Create an El Torito Bootable CD-ROM
167704Explanation of Windows NT 4.0 WINS Consistency Checking
167806Explanation of Advanced Options in WINS Manager
167812WINS and DHCP Dynamic Database Compaction in Windows NT 4.0
167968Access Violation Causes 16-Bit Applications to Silently Quit
168015Files Not Replaced When Running Emergency Repair on x86 Intel Systems
168076WINS Fails to Converge
168094Problems Attaching SCSI-2 Devices to SCSI-3 Adapter
168105WinNT Fails to Create a Memory.dmp On Any Other LUN Than 0
168107Windows NT Briefcase Appears and Acts Like a Normal Folder
168113Using Windows 95 PowerToys with Windows NT 4.0
168132After Applying Service Pack NT Reports Single Processor
168231System Policies Are Not Applied in Windows NT
168303Masking IRQ's for PCMCIA Devices
168457Configuring Individual Printers to Passthrough LPR Print Jobs
168461Customising Your Network Neighborhood Help Topic Does Not Exist
168462Last Known Good Returns to Default Settings on WinNT 4.0
168470SCopy Copies Local Domain Group to Other Domains
168475How to Create a Base Profile for All Users
168483ATAPI Reports Event ID: 26 Out-of-Date Firmware Error Message
168502Windows NT Reboots Continuously During Installation
168559ERR: Cannot Copy or Ntldr During WinNT Install
168570Files Do Not Show Up in Recycle Bin When Deleted
168579How to Set Up Locally-Based System Policies
168589How to Export WinNT Registry Entries from a Command Prompt
168646Using Regedit with Regedt32 to Search for Registry Values
168712How to Manually Recreate a WINS Database
168814INFO: Installing Windows NT 4.0 Service Packs During Unattended Installation
168893Messenger Service of Windows
168916Volume Control Icon No Longer Visible on the Taskbar
168920Disabling Documents Folder on the Start Menu
168925Err Msg: The WIN16 Subsystem Was Unable to Enter Protected Mode
168931Err Msg: Setup Was Unable to Verify Your : Drive
169116Troubleshooting TCP/IP CP Error 2 ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND
169123Error Message: Installation Failed While Installing From .INF
169147Briefcase Error "DLLCanUnloadNow"
169171Long PATH Environment Variable Causes 16-bit Apps to Hang
169209Some Mouse Options Not Available When Using IntelliPoint
169216Using Winscl.exe to Remove Corrupted WINS Entries by Version ID
169226Path of Nested Desktop Folder Not Displayed Correctly
169234Cannot Set Separator in Regional Settings Tool to Null
169244Autodial Fails to Dial Automatically
169289DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Basics
169292The Basics of Reading TCP/IP Traces
169391Error Messages After Opening Windows NT Setup Tab in Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel
169554Taskbar Auto Hide Option Behaviour Varies
169561Unable to View Subdirectory if Parent Directory has NO ACCESS
169620Err Msg: Accessing CD-ROM Drive: D:\ Is Not Accessible
169789High Rate of Collisions on 100-Megabit Networks
169790How to Troubleshoot Basic TCP/IP Problems
169884FIX: Unattended Setup is Unable to Invoke External Program
169895Enabling 128-bit Encryption for Routing and Remote Access
170084How To Add PCMCIA Support to a Windows NT Device Driver
170086System32 Folder Opens When Logging on to Windows
170256TweakUI Menu Speed Setting May Not Work Properly
170292Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) Basics
170336Network Error (1222): Unable to Browse the Network
170359How to Modify the TCP/IP Maximum Retransmission Timeout
170488List of SCSI Adapters Not Found When Adding New SCSI Adapter
170569WinNT Stops Recognizing PCI Network Adapter After It Is Moved to Another PCI Slot
170657Paste From Command Missing in Embedded Paint Object
170669Creating C:\Program Folder Causes Add/Remove Program to Fail
170756Available Switch Options for Windows NT Boot.ini File
170842Setup.exe Causes Errors When Logging On
170903NUMLOCK Causes Logon Problems with Portable Computers
170907Err Msg: Explorer.exe - Exception: Access Violation (0xC00000005)
170921Scaling Windows NT Server Storage and Fault Tolerance
170922How PCI Devices Are Detected and Why They May Fail
170995How to Install Third Party Network Adapter Drivers
171003"Stop 0x50" Error Message While Installing Windows
171015How to Install and Configure Windows NT 4.0 Dial-Up Networking
171051How to Bypass the Recycle Bin When Deleting Files
171213Copy to a Removable Drive in Windows NT Explorer May Fail After Media Swap
171402Help/About Does Not Report More Than 2 GB of RAM
171411Cannot Log In After Uninstalling Internet Explorer 4.0
171444Removing Windows NT From a Windows 95/98 Dual-Boot Installation
171458Windows NT May Fail On Request to Open Large Files
171564TCP/IP Dead Gateway Detection Algorithm Updated for Windows NT
171567Windows NT 4.0 ServiceProvider Priority Values Not Applied
171643Winlogon Hangs at Log On Screen
171611Removing the Linux LILO Boot Manager
171651Running a Batch or Command File From Windows NT Explorer Fails
171768WinNT Err: Registry Structure Not Set Properly
171773How to Eliminate a Process That Is Not Responding Without Restarting the Computer
171780How to Use WinDiff to Compare Registry Files
171794Migrate On/Off Does Not Allow Overwriting Static <1Ch> Mappings
171857Long File Name Lost After Using Send To Command With WordPad
172053Restoring .lnk File Associations
172060NSLOOKUP: Can't Find Server Name For Address
172078HOWTO: Enable Autorun for Applications Distributed on CD-ROM
172124Poledit.exe Does Not Get Updated During Windows NT Service Pack 3 Installation (Explains update.inf file structure)
172156How to Delete Corrupt Event Viewer Logs
172190Windows NT Contains File System Tunneling Capabilities
172194How to Determine If a Program Is 16-Bit or 32-Bit
172195Service Control Manager Reports Error But No Event ID is Listed
172215How to Force 128-bit Data Encryption for RAS
172218Microsoft TCP/IP Host Name Resolution Order
172227Network Address Translators Can Block Netlogon Traffic
172311Mouse Problems After Switching to Left-Handed Mouse Setup
172333Explorer Cannot Rename New Folders or Directories
172340STOP C00000221 Bad Image Checksum After Adding RAM
172353Setting the NIC Driver Startup Value to SYSTEM Causes Stop 0x1E
172430Disabling the Save Password Option in Dial-Up Networking
172452Windows NT Stops Responding or Delays During Shutdown Process
172509Explorer Erroneously Generates Event 560 - Write Failures
172520Access Denied Error When Trying to Access a Shared CD-ROM
172529Printer Access with Control Panel Disabled by a Policy
172710How to Use the OH Tool on the Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit
172773Problems Using LS120 Floppy Disk Drive With Windows NT Setup
172774Copy Command at Command Prompt Does Not Prompt to Overwrite File
172912Windows May Appear to Hang When a Mirrored IDE Drive Fails
172919Uninstall Internet Explorer 4.0 Option is Missing
172953How to Install and Configure Microsoft DNS Server
173058How to Disable the Welcome Screen for All Users
173060Performance Monitor Counters Cause Stop or Error Messages
173061Delay Opening Explorer, Control Panel & Other RPC-Aware Apps
173062Permissions Not Copied in Scopy.exe
173132Replacing Missing Control Panel Icons
173199Multiple Credentials in a Single Windows NT Session
1732021B Record Missing in WINS Manager With View Filtered for Domain
173309Blue Screen STOP Message C0000135 Appears at Startup
173322How to Disable Autochk During a Windows NT Reboot
173384HOWTO: Recover from Deleting the Repair Directory and Setup.log
173385System Policy Editor Will Not Allow More Than 255 Characters
173443Slow Response Executing Start Menu or Control Panel Applets
173485Drive Not Displayed in My Computer After Adding New Hard Disk
173507Evaluation Period Expires on Non-Evaluation Copy of Windows NT
173518Stop: 0xC000012F - Image File Did Not Have the Correct Format
173529Using Batch Files to Automate Networking Tasks
173584CD-ROM May Not Run Automatically in Windows
173673Windows NT Server Tools for Windows NT Workstation 4.0 Available
173694Err Msg: ERROR: Setup Was Unable to Install the Boot Loader
173816Desktop Pattern Becomes Corrupted When You Increase the Color Palette
173817Savedump.exe Now Provides More Security to Memory.dmp
173870How to Automatically Delete Locally Cached Profiles
173877What Files Are Needed to Uninstall a Windows NT Service Pack
173884How to Capture Screen Shots in Windows Using the Print Screen Key
173921Uninstalling Internet Explorer Restores Default Settings
173939How to Identify the User Who Changed the Administrator Password
174051DHCP Server Fails to Lease Addresses for New Scope
174232Stop 0x0000000A in Atapi.sys (Post SP2) with DMA Enabled
174265How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 4.0
174273How to Copy Files and Maintain NTFS and Share Permissions
174419How to Configure a Subnetted Reverse Lookup Zone on Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows Server 2003
174474Installing RRAS Disables 128-bit RAS Encryption
174504Detection of IntelliPoint Mouse on Serial Adapter Fails
17453216-bit Application Cannot Select a Network Drive
174567AGP Video Support for Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0
174619How NTFS Reserves Space for its Master File Table (MFT)
174624Improper Display Name for OEM Driver after Unattend Setup
174630Windows Restarts Continuously with Blue Screen
174633Windows NT May Appear To Be Hung with Kernel Debugger
174659Start Button, Taskbar, and Desktop Icons Missing After Logon
174904Information About TCP/IP Port Assignments
175025How to Build and Reset a Trust Relationship From a Command Line
175234Setup USAGE Popup While Installing OEM Device Driver
175386How to Move the Event Logs to Another Location
175396Windows Socket Connection From a Multiple-Homed Computer
175477Batch Files Run From Within Other Folders May Fail
175489Serial Pointing Device Not Detected by Windows NT
175651PRB: Unattended Setup Stops Asking for Network Confirmation
175653Err Msg: At Least One Service or Driver Failed...
175658How To Gather Information for Effective Troubleshooting of Performance Issues
175690The Winmsd.exe Program Shows Multiple Users Are Logged On
175767Expected Behavior of Multiple Adapters on Same Network
175788CMD Window Causes High CSRSS Memory Usage
175906Clearing the Documents Menu Clears Multiple MRU Lists
175935NBTSTAT -A May Return Host Not Found Error Message
175952NETSTAT Displays a LISTENING Port With IP Address
175960Err Msg: Service Pack Setup Could Not Find the Setup.log File in Your Repair Directory
1760148.3 Short File Names not Retained After Tape Restore
176083System is Running Low on Registry Quota
176210Incorrect Time Is Displayed When You Run the Net Time Command
176537How to Run the Sounds Tool by Itself
176575How to Log On to a Windows NT Domain Using a PPTP Connection
176646Error Message: The File or Directory is Corrupt...
176960Description of Loadwc.exe File in Internet Explorer
176966System Policy Editor May Not Disable Slow Link Detection
176967WinNT Error Message: TCP/IP CP Reported Error 1214
176968Error Message: A Kernel File is Missing From the Disk
176988Programs Folder is Empty in Windows NT 4.0 With System Policies
177077How to Produce a List of Users and SIDs
177078Antivirus Software May Cause Event ID 2011
177118Registry Keys Added by Remote Access Service
177140How to Remove Static WINS Entries From All WINS Servers
177257STOP 0x0000000A or Difficulty Recognising IDE CD-ROM Drives
177295Error Message: Unable to Save the Registry...
177324Setting Column Widths in My Computer Details View
177332How to Remove the Favorites Folder From the Start Menu
177415How to Use Memory Pool Monitor (Poolmon.exe) to Troubleshoot Kernel Mode Memory Leaks
177444Windows NT Explorer May Not Indicate Status of Shared Folders
177447Cannot Change Printer Ports on a Printer
177495Undo Date and Time Stamp Unavailable in Notepad
177498Configuration Preferences May Not Be Applied to Other Users
177506Error Message: Filename is Invalid or Cannot Contain Any of the Following Characters
177561How to Add and Enable Additional Languages in Windows
177576Color Printing Problems With Windows NT 4.0
177652STOP 0x78 During Setup on a System With More Than 1.792GB of Memory
177659Security Tab Missing for Shared Folder in File Properties in Windows NT Explorer
177664Stop 0x0000000A in Netbt.sys When Shutting Down
177665Path Too Long Error Message When Exceeding MAX_PATH
177676Color Printing Problems with Windows NT 4.0
177880CD-ROM Does Not Run Automatically When Inserted
178009Renaming a Domain: Process and Side Effects
178275PRB: Unattended Installation Using AGP Video Cards
178283Cannot Browse CD That Has Both Audio and Video
178419Cannot Save a Document to a Floppy Disk Using WordPad
178706How to Schedule a Program Using Task Scheduler
179144Cannot View NTFS Logical Drive After Using Fdisk
179147Access Denied Error Starting Program When Directory Named Program Exists
179154Adding OEM Display Adapters to Windows NT Display Tool
179156Updated TCP/IP Printing Options for Windows NT 4.0 SP3 and Later
179365INFO: Run, RunOnce, RunServices, RunServicesOnce, and Startup
179483Error Msg: No More Connections Can Be Made At This Time
179617Explorer Hangs with Multiple File Operations in a Single Folder
179774How to Print Windows NT 4.0 EMF Spool Files
179813Underlining Shifted to the Left When Printing From Applications
180025How to Open Control Panel Folders From the Command Prompt
180094How to Write an Lmhosts File for Domain Validation and Other Name Resolution Issues
180286Reg.exe DELETE and UPDATE Functions Do Not Work as Expected
180287The Winmsd.exe Tool Displays the High Interrupt Request Values for Peripheral Component Interconnect Devices
180362INFO: Services and Redirected Drives
180410Cannot Access Folder Because the Path is Too Long or Deep
180464How To Automate Folder Permissions
180498Icons Disappear from Taskbar After Ending Explorer.exe
180546Automating Updates to Local Groups on Member Servers
180709Code in Main Thread Still Executes After Issuing CTRL+C Command
180731How to Print to an HP JetDirect Printer by Means of LPR
180947Err Msg: <Filename> Cannot Be Added Because It Already Has a...
181022Err: Cannot Write to LPTx Printing to Parallel Port
181083Err Msg: Access to the Specified Device, Path, or File Is Denied
181333WOW Environment Remains in Memory After Quitting 16-Bit Program
181334Dragging Scrap to WordPad Title Bar Displays Random Characters
181345How to Replace In-Use Files at Windows Restart
181348Disabling the Windows Key on Microsoft Natural Keyboard
181385Update.exe From Service Pack May Overwrite Newer OEM Files
181774Multihomed Issues With Windows NT
182079Files Deleted From Home Directory on Logoff
182086How to Clear the Windows Paging File at Shutdown
182288RPC May Cause System to Stop Responding During Shutdown
182439How to Disable Start\Help
182532HOWTO: DMA-Capabale ATAPI Device Driver for Windows NT
182542INFO: ASPI on Windows NT is Not Supported by Microsoft
182632Protocols May Be Unavailable in Dial-up Networking Connection
182654Dial-Up Networking Server Types and Their Protocols
183097Event Log May Not Grow to Configured Size
183169Possible Resolutions to STOP 0x0A, 0x1E and 0x50 Errors
183422Long Delays Trying to View Registry Values Edit Dialog Box
183461Multimedia Properties Window Closes When You Click Devices Tab
184009Error Message: Unable to Save to Registry. Error Code 1243516
184057Printing Wide Carriage With Generic/Text Only Driver
184063Available Bytes Counter Definition is Incorrect in Perfmon
184124Service Still Runs Although Windows NT Prompts to Turn Off Computer
184299Dual-Booting Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 on NTFS Partitions
184305How to Install and Remove Hotfixes with HOTFIX.EXE
184327How to Install Plug and Play Sound Blaster Drivers in Windows NT 4.0
184408How to Replace In-Use Windows NT System Files
184419How to Stop the NTExecutive From Paging to Disk
184443Error Message: Explorer.exe - DLL Initialization Failed...
184465"Take Ownership" Assigns Ownership to the Wrong User
184693DNS/DHCP/WINS Release Notes for Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4 Update
184802PRB: User32.dll or Kernel32.dll Fails to Initialise
184832Intermittent Name Conflicts With WINS Server
185198Error 1000 and User Profiles
185257How to Disable the Delete Confirmation Dialog Box
185276Err Msg: Error Writing to LPTx, The System Cannot Find the File Specified
185322Windows NT 4.0 Setup Restarts Continuously
185329How to Enable or Disable Network Bindings
185490Explorer Expands System Drive by Default
185561How to Enable Profile Quotas in Windows NT 4.0
185587Guide To Windows NT 4.0 Profiles and Policies (Part 2 of 6)
185588Guide To Windows NT 4.0 Profiles and Policies (Part 3 of 6)
185589Guide To Windows NT 4.0 Profiles and Policies (Part 4 of 6)
185590Guide To Windows NT 4.0 Profiles and Policies (Part 5 of 6)
185591Guide To Windows NT 4.0 Profiles and Policies (Part 6 of 6)
185704How to Restrict Floppy Disk Drive Access Using Floplock Service
185773NTFS Corruption on Drives Larger Than 4GB Using Windows NT ExtendOEM Partition
185786Recommended Practices for WINS
186057How to Tell if Drive Overlay Program is Installed in Windows
186146Double-Clicking .reg File Will Not Add Extended ANSI Values
186176INFO: Redistribution of Comctl32.dll
186335Windows NT 4.0 Remote Troubleshooting and Diagnostics White Paper
186495WOW Leak Launching Many Instances of a 16-Bit Application
186805Intermittent Stop 0xA in Srv.sys on Shutdown
186821Unable to Access CD-ROM With CD-ROM Changer
187316ErrMsg: Cannot Import Error Opening the File
187941An Explanation of CHKDSK and the New /C and /I Switches
188001Description of the Microsoft Computer Browser Service
188081Support For the New Euro Currency Symbol
188296How to Disable Dr. Watson for Windows
188305Troubleshooting the Microsoft Computer Browser Service
188700Screensaver Password Works Even if Account is Locked Out
188831How to Use the Special Pool Feature to Isolate Pool Damage
189119UserEnv Returns Corrupted Profile for All Failures Including RSL Exceeded
189541Using the Checked Netlogon.dll to Track Account Lockouts
189594RRAS Upgrade for WinNT Server 4.0 Hotfix Pack 3.0 Release Notes
189595PPTP Performance & Security Upgrade for WinNT 4.0 Release Notes
190449Corrupted SAM Hangs Windows NT Server
190536FIX: You Receive an "Invalid Page Fault in Module MSVCRT.DLL" Error Message After You Install the Run-Time Libraries From Visual C++ 6.0
190899How to Determine the OS Type in a Logon Script
190990How to Determine the Version of Windows Media Player
191533Media Player Cannot Play .avi File Using Indeo 4.x Codec
191611Symptoms of Multihomed Browsers
191681A File's Modified Date Is Earlier Than the Create Date
191690Error Message "The Application is Not Supported by Windows NT"
191771How to Alter a Program's Base Priority at a Command Prompt
191774How to Obtain Dmacheck.exe for Windows NT
191805How To Prolong Shutdown Time So That Processes Close Properly
191882"Desktop As Shortcut" Command is Missing From the "Send To" Menu
191991Error Message: Stop C0000142 (DLL Initialization Failed)
192109Extended Characters May Be Unavailable in Run Dialog Box
192163"Stop 0x7B" During Hardware Detection Portion of Setup
192409Open Files Can Cause Kernel to Report INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES
192460Matrox Video Driver Causes STOP 0x00000050
192463Gathering Blue Screen Information After Memory Dump
192669Pagefile Set Incorrectly on Computers With > 2049 MB RAM
192673Accessing Files on NTFS Partitions Created With Windows 2000 From Windows NT 4.0
192785Must Be Administrator to Eject Removable Media
192806How to Run Control Panel Tools by Typing a Command
192821STOP 0x000000009A During Restore of Registry
192822START Priority Class Arguments Ignored for WOW Applications
193050Task Manager Menu Bar and Tabs Are Not Visible
193242Windows Hangs at Logo Screen After Attaching External Device
193396Cannot Repartition Disk Space During Windows NT Setup
193826How to Hide the Security Tab
193836NET USE Attempt Across Domains Fails Without Name Resolution
193888How to Delay Loading of Specific Services
194028DHCP Server Fails to Start With Event 1007, 1008 and SCM 7023
194080HFX Manager: What Is It and How Do You Use It
194203ASCII and Hex Representation of NETBIOS Names
194364Timezone.exe Application Not Included With Resource Kit
194407How to Remotely Reconfigure IP From Static Addressing to DHCP
194714Noise Signals Interpreted As Keystrokes During Boot Display
194739INFO: Undocumented "Net Accounts" Switches
194749SP4 Periodic Disk Access Interferes With Power Management
194834List of Bugs Fixed in Windows NT 4.0 and Terminal Server Edition Service Pack 4 (Part 2)
195008Heap Manager Change in Service Pack 4 and Windows 2000
195009Application Access Violation or Hang After Applying SP4
195050How to Clear Environment Variables Using Setx.exe
195052\Program Breaks Applications Installed Under "C:\Program Files"
195227SP4 Security Configuration Manager Available for Download
195509Installing Security Configuration Manager from SP4 Changes Windows NT 4.0 ACL Editor
195643How to Configure Windows NT for LPR Printing
195655HOWTO: How to Set a Screen Saver Through a System Policy
195680Error Message: Correcting Errors in the Uppercase File
195857Open Handles Cause STOP 0x0000001E or STOP 0x00000024
195930Memory Usage by MS-DOS Applications Steadily Increases
196003How to Show Text in Different Fonts in Notepad
196071BUG: File Creation Time Increases as Files Are Added to a Volume
196158How to Create a Text File List of the Contents of a Folder
196269When to Reinstall a Service Pack
196271Unable to Connect from TCP Ports Above 5000
196284Controlling Default Behavior for Roaming User Profiles
196448Print Screen Fails When Pasting Into Paint
196449Error: SAS Windows: Winlogon.exe When Logging In
196452Why Windows NT Reports 6005, 6006, 6008 and 6009 Event Log Entries
196453Troubleshooting NTVDM and WOW Startup Errors
196603Repair Windows NT After Installation of Service Pack 4 or Later
196628How to Print a Folder Listing in Windows
196661Windows NT 4.0 Does Not Support Universal Serial Bus
196707Windows NT 4.0 CHKDSK Refuses to Check NTFS 3.0/3.1 Volumes (Windows 2000/XP)
196712Performance Monitor Hangs on Startup or When Adding Counters
196974How to Dial Phone Access Codes With Dial Up Networking
197077Multiple Windows Open Automatically at Logon
197147Command-Line Switches for IExpress Software Update Packages
197155How to Kill an Orphaned Process
197156Cannot Add Modem or View Existing Modem Properties
197157Workstation Service Does Not Start
197295Windows NT Does Not Boot to a Partition That Starts More Than 4 GB into Disk
197298INFO: Microsoft Libraries Update: What, Where, Why
197379Configuring Page Files for Optimisation and Recovery
197447%Username% Resolved in GUI But Not at Command Line
197478How to Detect and Remove Inactive Machine Accounts
197513Windows NT Memory Limitations
197527How to Automate Chkdsk
197558System Recovery May Not Restore Windows NT Dual Boot Menu
197571Working With the AppInit_DLL Registry Value
197632Registry Hive Fragmentation Leads to Excessive Size
197667Installing Windows NT on a Large IDE Hard Disk
197896Uptomp.exe Requires Access to the Txtsetup.sif File
198044How to Start Programs Sequentially in Windows
198386Changes in IRP Stack Size in Lanman Server
198524Large Ntbootdd.sys File May Cause Problems
198644Multihomed TCP/IP Windows NT Systems Give Duplicate Name on Network Error
198771How to Lock Down Windows NT and Internet Explorer 4.01 Desktop
198859Starting Windows NT from a Replacement SCSI Adapter of a Different Type
198904Windows 2000 Setup Upgrades Existing NTFS File System Volumes
199052The My Briefcase Icon is Displayed as a Folder Icon
199152Desktop Icons Do Not Display Correctly in Windows NT 4.0
199159Replacing a WINS Static 1Ch With a Dynamic Entry
199352Err Msg: At Least One Service or Driver Failed During System Startup...
199792DNS Event IDs 2000 Through 9999 for Windows NT 4.0 SP4
199878AddUsers Automates Creation of Large Number of Users
200435How to Check the Video Driver
200525Using NSlookup.exe
201364PRB: Mismatched Ole32.dll and Comcat.dll
203878INFO: Service Dependencies Not Used During Shutdown
205530How to Switch Among Running Programs
206848Windows NT Service Pack 4.0 Tools Not Included on CD-ROM
207132INFO: How Regsvr32 Registers and Unregisters COM DLLs
207488Icon Names Are Truncated and Icons Are Stacked
207500Keyboard Language Changes to Default Language
210327Manually Populating Network Neighborhood With Static Entries For Browsing
210638How to Disable Automatic Short File Name Generation
213163Blue Screen Error Message Dual Booting to Windows NT
214404Windows NT 4.0 Cannot Access Windows 2000 FAT32 Partition
214470How to Move the Location of a Locally Cached Profile
214579How to Use Convert.exe to Convert a Partition to the NTFS File System
214655PRB: Closed Application Appears As Gray Box in Taskbar
214679Sysprep Does Not Rename Accounts Containing the Computer Name
214762"Services Database Is Locked" When Modifying Windows NT Configuration
214770Information is Not Updated When Consecutively Viewing Two Similar CD-ROMs
214795How to Back Up and Restore a Print Server Configuration
214810STOP 0x0000007B INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE After Applying Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4
216169How to Change the Default Event Viewer Log File Location
216206Blue Screen or STOP Error Message Troubleshooting Before You Call Microsoft Support
21622964-bit Devices Not Correctly Reported
216368PRB: Access Violation During Application Setup When File in Use
216445How to Control the Delay of the Start Menu Display
216446Damaged Paging File Results in Stop Error Message
216491ERROR: Event ID 43: Crash Dump is Disabled
216661How to Implement a Policy to Set the Date Format
216708Error Message: Setup Cannot Find Oemsetup.inf
216789BUG: NTBackup Cannot Back Up Individual Files From a Batch File or by Using a Command Prompt
216917PRB: Date/Time Picker Control Does Not Display Year When System Date is Feb. 29, 2000 (or other leap days)
217014Description of the Ping and Tracert Tools
217134Err Msg: The Application Failed to Initialise Properly
217210How to Multiple Boot Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME and MSDOS
217281Unable to View File Properties for Multiple Files
217305Full Duplex Support with Windows NT
217344How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 5.0
218805"Open With" Command Missing From the Context Menu
218974Cannot Boot off of a SCSI Device Other Than LUN 0
219297How to Disable the My Briefcase Icon on the Desktop
219324Access Violation When You Run 16-Bit Parent and Child Programs
219392System Drive Cannot be Hidden in Windows NT Explorer View
219878"Warning! Your Drive May Be Corrupt" Starting Windows NT 4.0 SP4
220155Troubleshooting NTVDM and WOW Startup Errors
220946Symptoms That You May Experience if the Lsass.exe Process Stops
220955Using System Policies to Hide Specific Drive Letters
220956Err Msg: Cannot Find "C:\Program" or One of It's Components
220963Object Is Not Displayed in the Multimedia Tool in Control Panel
221153Control Panel Does Not Open
221524FIX: Cannot Install Applications From Media When "AllocateCDRom or AllocateFloppies" Reg Values Are Set
221784Screen Saver Grace Period Bypasses Password Protection
221831Err Msg: Unable to Download the Appropriate Decompressor
221833How to Enable User Environment Debug Logging in Retail Builds of Windows
222507Incorrect Service Pack Level Displayed After Applying Hotfix
222871Err Msg: "Drive Is Not Ready For Use" With Removable Media Drives
222973Hardware Malfunction Results in System Error Message
222975Cannot Install Program Using Its Setup Utility
223140SMB Block Size Negotiation When Copying Files With Windows NT Explorer
223450TCP Initial Retransmission Timer Adjustment Added to Windows NT 4.0
224012Using User Profiles with Windows
224087Error Message Running Emergency Repair Process on a Computer With a Large IDE Hard Disk
224131Network Switch with Full-Duplex Incompatible with Half-Duplex Network Interface Cards (NICs)
224412How to Manually Uninstall Internet Explorer 4.0 for Windows NT
224526Windows NT 4.0 Supports Maximum of 7.8GB System Partition
224792List of Bugs Fixed in Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 1, 2 and 3
224793List of Bugs Fixed in Windows NT 4.0 and Terminal Server Edition Service Pack 4 (Part 3)
224816Use ShellExecute to Launch the Default Web Browser
224961Description of Print Switches Contained in File Types
225037List of Bugs Fixed in Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 5 (Part 1)
225087Writing Custom ADM Files for System Policy Editor
225745Administrators Can Remove Themselves From the Permissions for a Shared Resource
226428Cancelling Create Shortcut Wizard Leaves Icon on Screen
226798Desktop Icons Are Rearranged After You Install Windows NT Service Pack 4
227735Safe Mode Does Not Work With Windows NT 4.0
228734Windows NT Does Not Boot With Highly Fragmented MFT
228753Troubleshooting "Stop 0x00000077" or "KERNEL_STACK_INPAGE_ERROR"
228004Changing Active Partition Can Make Your System Unbootable
228930How to Replace Currently Locked Files with Inuse.exe
229033Programs That Replace Msgina.dll May Cause "STOP 0x0000001E" Error Message
229687Err Msg: "Workstation is Locked" with Invalid Screen Saver Program
229989Event Viewer Does Not Sort Events by Date and Time
230052Files or Folders Deleted From Floppy Disk Not in the Recycle Bin
230687Error Message: Unable to Download an Appropriate Decompressor
231312Computer Name Missing in the Browsing List When Server Comment More Than 48 characters
231454How to Install Windows NT If You Receive an "Out of Memory" Error Message
231949AMD CPUID Check For the AMD Athlon Chip Now Allows Write-Combining Feature
2320103D Text Screen Saver Does Not Display Custom Text
232227SMS: Inaccurate Installation Date Is Reported in the Inventory
232243Uptime.exe Tool Allows You to Estimate Server Availability with Windows NT 4.0 SP4 or Higher
232247Using Network Monitor to Capture Traffic Using a Remote Agent
232255Using TIMESERV to Set and Synchronize Time
232271How to Optimize Windows NT Server Using the Registry
232488How Windows Keeps Track of the Date and Time
232511Win95/98/NT Dialup, Authentication, Browsing Using TCPIP, IPX/SPX, or NetBEUI
232536How to Enumerate and Run Available Control Panel Applications
232564STOP 0xC0000244 When Security Log Full
232575Tracing Winlogon Activity in Windows NT 4.0
232830HOWTO: Determine File Handle Ownership
232848How to Create a WinMSD Report
233059Error Message When Attempting to Create a Folder or Subfolder on a NTFS Partition or Volume
233401INFO: UDP Datagram Can Be Silently Discarded if Larger Than MTU
234019Windows Media Player Invalid File Format Error Message
234292"File Open" Error Message Using Windows Media Player
234557Executable with a Specifically Malformed Image Header May Crash Windows NT
234658STOP 0xC000021A in CSRSS After Attempting to Free an Already Freed Screen Buffer
234661Cannot Log On if Desktop Background File is on a Floppy Disk
234744Problems With Third-Party APM Tools on a Dual-Boot Computer
235162Operating System Install Time/Date Is Inaccurate in SMS Administrator Console
235496How to Enable a Memory.dmp File Capture Using the Graphical Interface or the Registry
235536Task Scheduler Service on Windows NT
235614Windows NT 4.0 SP6 Includes Fixes for Stress-Induced Issues
235630PRB: SHGetFileInfo Caches Drive Information
235944How Windows NT Saves Window Size and Location Parameters
236014INFO: Shell Extensions for File Names With No Extension
236030PCI Video Adapter May Not Function on Secondary PCI Bus
236158Winnt32.exe and Setupdd.sys Are Not Included With Downloadable Versions of SP4, SP5 and SP6
236373How Maximum Password Age is Implemented
236387Unable to Start Windows Explorer After Applying Service Pack 5
236584128-Bit RAS Client Is Authenticated but Cannot Use Resources on the Network
236610DirectPlay 6.1a Launches Stable Multiplayer Games Connections
236614DirectPlay 6.1a Supports Ripple Launch Technology
236773Internet Explorer Replaces Atsvc.exe Tool With Mstask.exe Tool
236954Error Message Repairing Windows NT After Installing Service Pack
236963How to Create Hardware Profiles for Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT 4.0
236981"STOP 0x0000000A" Involving Scsiport.sys in Windows NT 4.0 SP5
237380Shortcut Key Starts No Program or the Wrong Program
237424Error Message on a Blue Screen When Using Bookman Old Style Font
237607How to Use Regini.exe to Set Permissions on Registry Keys
237857Error 5aa When Using the Regrest Tool
238149How to Add a Carriage Return to the Legal Notice Text in Windows NT
238166Administrator is Unable to Delete Local Profile in Windows NT
238330Add Printer Wizard Offers More Printer Selections in Service Pack 6 CD-ROM
238374How to Produce a List of Users and Their Last Password Change
238552How to Install Hotfixes and Check Versions of Installed Hotfixes
238721PRB: Common Controls Might Behave Unpredictably in an Interactive Service After Logoff
238821Player Stops Responding When Context Menu Open While Playing Files With Script Commands
238891Service Pack 6 Updates Windows NT Kernel to Support Future Processors
239907Too Many Printers Can Cause Unsuccessful Boot
240045INFO: Solve Microsoft Windows NT Setup Problems Like a Professional
240049How to Obtain Diagnostic i386 Processsor Integrity Tests Required by the C2 TFM for Windows NT 4.0
240309How to Fully Disable Antivirus Software From Filtering Files
240348All Installed Programs May Not Be Displayed in the Add/Remove Programs Tool
240452Secure RPC Traffic Problem When Using RPC Ping Tool
240661Windows Internet Naming Service Server Registration Behaviour
240718Previous Operating System Disabled by Setup and is Not Listed on Boot Menu Afterwards
240889Error Message: You Must Select at Least One Network Protocol
241122WINUP: Application Error When You Click Product Updates
241143Error Message: Limited Virtual Memory. Your System is Running Without a Properly Sized Paging File
241211List of Bugs Fixed in Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6/6a (Part 1)
241219MS99-036: Unattended Installation File is Not Deleted After Setup Finishes
241289How to Change the Amount of Memory Used During an Installation
241374INFO: Read and Write Access Required for SCSI Pass Through Requests
241393Page Heap Enhancements for Advanced Debugging in Windows NT4.0
241671How to Configure the Short Date Format in Windows and Windows NT
241712Cannot Start 16-Bit Program With Path Name of More Than 64 Characters
242035Printer Pooling Improvements in Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6
242075Establish Mirror Command Dimmed in Disk Administrator When Creating a Mirror
242087How to: Disable Autocreation of My Briefcase on Windows NT Desktop
242092How to: Use System Policies to Hide Specific Drives
242112Ntdetect Fails When Computer Starts
242114Custom Toolbar Settings Are Not Saved in File Manager
242119Unable To Lock for Exclusive Access Message in Disk Admin, with No Files Open
242131How to: Display a List of Processes That Have Files Open
242257Short Date Format Uses Two-Digit Year /instead of Four-Digit Year in Windows NT 4.0
242294MS99-041: Security Descriptor Allows Priviledge Elevation on Remote Computers
242450How to Query the Microsoft Knowledge Base by Using Keywords and Query Words
242592How to Configure Peer Networking in Windows NT 4.0
243330Well-Known Security Identifiers in Windows Operating Systems
243404Winobj.exe May Permit You to View Securable Objects Created or Opened by the Jet500.dll File
243405Device Drivers Create Their Corresponding DeviceObject With FILE_DEVICE_SECURE_OPEN Device Characteristics
243424FILE: Create and Compare Snapshots of Any Directory with FileImg.exe
243486How to Run a Batch File Before Logging on to Your Computer
243501Task Manager Does Not Display the Peak Memory Usage Column
243621How to Delete the Recent Play List From Windows Media Player
243800Activation of COM DLL Registered with Long Path Name Does Not Succeed
243896How to Dual Boot Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0 with FAT16 or NTFS Volumes
244074Installed Fonts Do Not Appear in the MS-DOS Console
244284Downloading Printer Drivers from the Print Server
244378System Cleanup After a Parallel Installation of Windows NT 4.0
244407How to Enable Automatic Complete for the Command Prompt (Cmd.exe)
244539Host Route Can Be Deleted if ICMP Fragmentation is Needed
244599Fixes Required in TCSEC C2 Security Evaluation Configuration for Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6a
244610Error Message: The Protected Storage Service Terminated with Service-Specific Error 2148270091
244690List of Bugs Fixed in Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6/6a (Part 2)
244925Windows NT 4.0 Csrss.exe Stops Responding with a Stop 0xc000021A Error Message
244974List of Bugs Fixed in Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 5 (Part 2)
245007STOP 0xA or 0x1E Error Message on Windows NT-Based Computer
245015How to: Print Folder and File Permissions From One Folder
245017How to: Redirect a DOS Application Print Job to a Network Printer
245038Password Change Notification Appears, But Users Cannot Comply
245040How to: Restrict Workstation Access to Local Administrators Only
245068Err Msg: Access is Denied. You Don't Have Permissions or the File is in Use
245077Computer Stops Responding with Event ID 2022
245087Err Msg: STOP C000221 - Bad Image Checksum in Ntvdm.exe
245117Administrative Shares Do Not Appear on Server
245148Windows NT Appears to Hang When You Log Off After Installing Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6
245184NTVDM CPU Has Encountered an Illegal Instruction
245186Spooler Stops Responding While Print Jobs Are Pending
245188Err Msg: STOP C0000221 - Bad Image Checksum in Oleaut32.dll
245192Blank Dialog Box Appears After Using CTRL+ALT+Delete to Logon
245206Error Occurs When Trying to Delete a Partition From a Broken Mirror
245442INFO: Winsock Ignores ICMP Port Unreachable Control Messages
245603How to Create a Windows NT Printer Share
246009Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6a Available
246023Cannot Remove Folder Without Being Prompted
246026Cannot Delete or Repair Corrupted File on NTFS Volume
246071Description of Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption
246084Interpreting the DrWtsn32.log File to Identify Program Crash Data
246485STOP 0xC0000142 in User32.dll Occurs on Restart or Upgrade of Windows NT 4.0
246494Unable to Browse NT Network from Windows 3.11, NT 3.51, 4.0 and 95 Clients
246507Windows NT Does Not Start, Error Message About Ntoskrnl.exe
246518Cannot Remotely Add or Delete a Printer Port
246547RC Designations of the Windows NT Kernel Versions
246568Changing System Dates In Production Environments
246784RPC Services Fail: Not Enough Resources Available to Complete This Operation
246799Missing a Drive That Was Part of a Volume Set After Running a Repair Process
246838Dr. Watson Errors When Starting the Spooler Service
247194WINS Clients May Send Name Refresh Requests to Multihomed WINS Servers at 2 or 8 Minute Intervals
247408Error Message or Spooler Hangs When You Pause or Resume Print Job
247501How to Manually Remove Programs From the Add/Remove Programs List
247515Program Is Not Listed in Add/Remove Programs After Installation
247804How to Remove Linux and Install Windows on Your Computer
247815Necessary Criteria for Fonts to be Available in a Command Window
247858CRC Error Message on FAT Media Causes Kernel Stack Overflow
247873Description of Date and Time Format Standards
247900Cannot Log On After Removing Everyone Group From Permissions
247908STOP 0x0000001e Error Occurs in Ntoskrnl.exe at Blue Build Screen
247911NET USER /DOMAIN Returns Incorrect Information for Last User Logon
247915Cannot Import Config.nt FILES Value to 16-bit Program in Windows NT Workstation
247925InstallShield Stops Responding When You Try to Install 32-Bit Programs
247998"BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO" Error Message When Starting Your Computer
248057How to Remove and Reinstall the Workstation Service
248113Files That Are Not Removed When You Uninstall Service Pack 6 or 6a
248142Default System Date Behavior in Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000
248183Syskey Tool Reuses Keystream
248249Copying Files to LS-120 Floppy Disk Causes Error Message
248294Invalid Font File Can Cause Error Message on Blue Screen
249799Slow Network Performance with Service Pack 4, 5, 6, or 6a
249873Explanation of Regsvr32 Usage and Error Messages
249874"NBTSTAT -A" Command Does Not Resolve Computer Name With DNS
249918Logon Does Not Work, System Error Message 1385 Appears
250050Serial Mouse Error Message With PS/2 Mouse on Windows NT Workstation 4.0
250318Windows NT Explorer Reports "The Parameter Is Incorrect"
250453Determining Special Pool Tagging Options When Debugging
250636Generic Text Printer Driver Prints Differently on Different Versions of Windows
250982User Cannot Be Given the Right to Load or Unload Device Drivers
251192How to Create a Windows Service Using Sc.exe
251274Error Message When You Attempt to Install Program Using Windows Installer
251369INFO: SCSI Pass Through Functionality and Limitations
251394How to Use the Net User Command
252366INFO: New Registry Key to Limit Number of Reassembly Headers
252388How to Add a Default Printer for All New Users
252589Dcomcnfg.exe Utility Improvements, Fixes, Registry Entries and Format of Ports Range Value
253229Full NTFS Volumes Can Be Marked "Dirty" Even if They Are Clean
253521INFO: OpenGL Drivers
253534Gathering System Information Without GUI Interaction
253642Media Player Bandwidth Detection on "Hybrid" Internet Connection
253739Explanation of User Interface (UI) Skins
253774Common Questions About the FAT32 File System
253798Windows Media Player May Stop Responding or Generate an Error Message When Streaming Media
253861Windows NT Desktop Turns Gray and Icons Disappear
254790Desktop Refreshes When You Access the Control Panel
254914Virtual Device Driver Message in 16-Bit MS-DOS Subsystem
254919How to Install the Windows Desktop Update with Internet Explorer 5.x
254950Shortcuts and .lnk Files Do Not Work in Windows NT Workstation
254954Cannot Start Modems Tool in Control Panel
255036Microsoft Support Policy on Hardware Not on the Windows NT HCL
255159How to Disable File and Printer Sharing by Default in Windows NT 4.0
255187Migrating a Print Server Configuration Between Windows NT 4.0 Servers Without Reinstalling the Printer on Each
255236Windows NT 4.0 Does Not Start and a STOP Error Message Appears
255570Wrong Value for InDOS Flag After Absolute Disk Read and Write Functions in 16-Bit MS-DOS Based Programs
255671Unlocking Workstation With Invalid Password Causes Account Lockout to Increment Twice
255861"The Event Log File is Corrupt" Error Message When Opening an Event Log File
255867How to Use the Fdisk Tool and the Format Tool to Partition or Repartition a Hard Disk
255987Windows NT Service Pack Requires Logon with Local Administrator Permissions After Reboot
256575ClipBook Viewer Prompts for Network Access Password
256614Unable to Remove Read-Only Attribute From Folder
256986Windows Registry Information for Advanced Users (Description of the Windows Registry)
257655Ddraw.dll Dynamic Load May Not Work In Some Cases
257754Issues with Removing Windows 2000 and Reinstalling Windows NT 4.0
258437FIX: GetEffectiveRightsFromAcl() Fails in Service Pack 6
258707Registry Requirements for Internet Explorer Setup
258838Dial-Up Networking Automatic Redial May Stop After 15 Attempts
259003How and Why to Perform a Parallel Installation of Windows NT 4.0
259151Paging File Functionality Requires System Account Permissions and Proper Size
259403Vcredist.exe Installs the Latest Run-Time Components for Visual C++ Applications
259428Creating and Deleting Partitions on Removable Media Depletes Drive Letters
259459How to Allow Users Who Are Not Administrators to Install MSI Packages
259947BUG: Media Player Doesn't Recognise That Video Hardware is Available
260174Turning on Special Pool Feature Causes Bugcheck, Preventing Creation of Memory Dump
260256Java Plug-In Leaves Browser Processes and NTVDMs Running After Closing the Browser
260361TCP/IP Protocol is Missing From Network Tool in Control Panel
260324How to Produce a List of Workstations and the Last Logged On User
260525"License Violation" Error Message is Displayed When You Enable Registry Auditing
260831"STOP 0x0000001E" Caused by Pool Corruption or "STOP 0x00000050: or "STOP 0x0000001A" with Special Pool Enabled
261317Deadlock in Ntdll.dll Causes Program to Hang
262283The Input Locale Does Not Type the Chosen Keyboard Mapping in the MS-DOS Window
262382Update to Windows Media Plug-In for Netscape
262766Taskbar Size Not Reinstated After Turning Off High Contrast Feature
262841Command-Line Switches for Windows Software Update Packages
262969Definitions of Common Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) Terms
263324The Create Shortcut Command Truncates the Source Path Folder Names to Eight Characters
263568Information on Preventing Certain Types of Software from Running Automatically
26392616-Bit MS-DOS Based Programs Cannot Change Label with CreateNewFile() Function
264217Video Only Plays for Ten Seconds
264223How to Troubleshoot "Stop 0x0000001E" With First Parameter of 0xC0000044
264450Reduced Working Set Size After Installing Windows NT Service Pack 6a
264584How to Change Registry Values or Permissions From a Command Line or a Script
264644"The Drive Cannot Be Locked for Exclusive Use" Message When Deleting a Partition in a Broken Mirror Set
264652BUG: Unable to Install or Upgrade Windows Installer Service
265360Using the Command Line to Edit Multiple Subdirectory Permissions
265422How RDISK.EXE Updates Repair Information
265704How to Retain NTFS File and Share Permissions When You Move Files and Subdirectories
265801NT4: 16-Bit Applications Within a VDM May Suddenly Fail to Open a Child Window
266055Error Message Appears When Protected Storage Service Does Not Start
266253How to Enter Phone Numbers in Phone Dialer Correctly
266280Changing User Rights From a Batch File or Command Line
266419How to Use System Policy Editor to Disable Network Browsing But Keep UNC Functionality
266627Copying and Moving Files and Folders
267657More Than 4.2GB of Commit Limit Memory Not Displayed Properly in Performance Manager
266762Error Message: STOP 0x00000050 0xe2000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000002
267858"Memory Could Not Be Read" Error Message While Doing File Operation
267963Ping Utility Takes a Long Time to Return Results with NetBIOS Name
268066Startup Problems When Transferring System Hard Disk to a Backup Computer
268343UMDHTools.exe: How to Use UMDH.exe to Find Memory Leaks
268516STOP C000026C Error Message Appears When You Try to Remove Extra Hard Disk Drive
268830BUG: Floppy Drive Inaccessible on Computers With 512 MB of Memory Until Service Pack 4 Is Installed
269017Add Printer Wizard in My Computer Is Not Available
269269How to Use TakeOwn Utility to Manage Shares in Windows NT 4.0
269378Differences in the User Profiles in Windows
269849Access Violation Error Message When You Use Windows Media Player to Play .wav Files
270035How to Modify the List of Programs That Run When You Start Windows
270862Error Message: OS Loader V4.01 Disk I/O Error Stats=00000001
271076"Stop 0x50" in Cache Manager Under High Input/Output Stress
271183Error Message: System Error 85 Has Occurred. The Local Device Name Is Already in Use
271362How to Find the Short Names of Services
272386Upgrade Prompt for Windows Media Player 6.4 Appears Continually
273005"Stop 0x0000000a" in Ntoskrnl.exe
273600You Receive a "Stop 0x44" Error Message in Mouclass.sys
273785Quick Launch Toolbar Icons are Missing or Unavailable
274322Information About the Size Limit of the Fonts Folder in Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000
274371Disk I/O Hangs in Scsiport.sys During Heavy Disk I/O Stress
274512The Default Temporary Variable for the Inuse.exe Utility From the NT 4.0 Resource Kit
274698URL Within .asx File is Limited to 260 Characters
275508SMB Session Credentials Are Not Updated After Password Change Resulting in Account Lockout
275678How to Troubleshoot a STOP 0x0000001E KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED Error Message
275916OFF97: MSInfo 2.51 Does Not Start After You Install Windows NT 4.0 SP-6
276525Your Computer May Stop Responding When You Monitor Open Handles
277826Error Message: The Currently Selected Display Resolution Is Invalid
279173Normal and Bold TrueType Fonts Look Alike on Monitor or Printer
279242Error Message When You Try to Play an .avi File with Windows Media Player
279253Multiple Commands on a Single Line May Not Run When You Use the && Command Separator
279614Windows Media Player Does Not Play Audio CD-ROMs Automatically
279631How to Use the SPCheck Tool to Determine the Service Pack Level of Components
280334Explorer Stops Responding When You Create a New File or Folder on the Desktop While NoDrives Policy Is Set
280455Add Printer Wizard Causes Dr. Watson Exception in Explorer.exe
280839NBTSTAT -c Command Output Contains a Period in the Name Column
281250Information About Unlocking a Workstation
281344Unable to Rename Friendly Name of Remote Network Printer
281579Issues With Using Supernetted IP Address Ranges
281968"No Sounds" Sound Scheme May Cause STOP 0x50 Error Message
283378You Must Hold Down the Power Button to Shut Down Windows NT 4.0 in a Dual-Boot Environment With Windows XP
285663TCP/IP Connectivity May Break If the Client Receives a Reset from the Server
286260Stop 0x00000050 Error Message When Stopping and Restarting Drivers
287395Trying to Connect by Using DUN After Installing PPTP Generates Error Message About TCP/IP Error 2
288179Computer Hangs Randomly with NTFS and Cache Manager
288292Managing File and Folder Permissions Through the Command Line Utility
288358How to Install the Active Directory Client Extension
290301Description of the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility
290585How to Close All Files Opened by Network Clients from the Command Line
290870WM_TIMER Messages May Stop Being Delivered to Programs
292520Conflicting Access Control List Entries Cause Error Message
292539INFO: MSI: How to Obtain the Windows Installer Engine
293093Browser Causes Computer to Stop Responding
293314How to Use the Windows 2000 Recovery Console on a Computer With Windows NT 4.0
293498The Computer Hangs With a Deadlock in Ndis.sys
293841Non-Paged Pool is Exhausted by AFD
293907How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 6
294306Windows NT 4.0 May Hang During Process Shutdown
295168Files Installed by Directory Services Client Extension for Windows NT 4.0
296861Use QChain.exe to Install Multiple Hotfixes With Only One Reboot
296885Console Process May Hang During the Creation of Child Console Process
297267How to Configure the Windows Exit Screen Saver Tool
297268Data Fragmentation Occurs When You Use Ntbackup.exe to Restore Data to a Clean Volume
297534ReceiveAny Thread Generates "RPC_S_OUT_OF_MEMORY" Error
297719PRB: Ddraw.dll Cannot Be Loaded by an Executable Running Under Multiple User Accounts
298102How to Find Pool Tags That Are Used by Third-Party Drivers
298387Error Message: The Drivers Were Not Successfully Installed
298449Security Issue Considerations When You Configure Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0
298733Logon Problems with 10/100 Ethernet Hubs and Switches
299444Post Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6a Security Rollup Package (SRP)
299648Description of NTFS Date and Time Stamps for Files and Folders
299671Convert.exe Tool Causes Desktop Shortcuts to Prompt for the Administrator Password
300987Windows NT 4.0 Winbond Super I/O Floppy Disk Controller May Not Report Data Underrun or Overrun Condition Correctly
301045Problems When You Print Colored Text on a Black Background to a Non-Color Printer
301484Command Prompt Returns to Prompt Without Running Application or Command
301670How to Manually Remove Windows NT or Windows 2000
301680How to Create a Boot Disk for an NTFS or FAT Partition in Windows
303021How to Generate a Memory Dump File When a Server Stops Responding (Hangs)
303215Microsoft Network Security Hotfix Checker (Hfnetchk.exe) Tool is Available
303418TRAP Page Fault Error Message with Damaged System Hive
304158Patch for 'HyperTerminal Buffer Overflow' Vulnerability in Windows NT 4.0
304930How to Install Microsoft Virtual Machine Updates Silently Without Restarting Your Computer
305385Frequently Asked Questions About the Microsoft Network Security Hotfix Checker (hfnetchk.exe) Tool
305462Mouse and Keyboard Stop Working After You Install the Windows NT 4.0 Security Rollup Package
305792How to Determine Which Folder Windows Is Installed In
305929"This Certificate Has an Invalid Digital Signature" Error Message After You Install the Windows NT 4.0 Security Rollup Package
306038Your Computer Does Not Start if the SYSTEM Hive is Too Large
306289OEM Device Properties Dialog Box Custom Settings May Not Be Saved
306460Hfnetchk.exe Returns NOTE Messages for Installed Patches
307866You Cannot Log On to the Computer After You Run a Repair Process if SRP is Installed
308567Windows Media Player .ASF Processor Contains Unchecked Buffer
308605Stop 0x00000048 or Stop 0x0000000A Caused By Named Pipe File System (Npfs.sys)
310516How to Add, Modify, or Delete Registry Subkeys and Values by Using a Registration Entries (.reg) File
310598Overview of the Windows Installer Technology
310618Microsoft Cabinet Software Development Kit
310749New Capabilities and Features of the NTFS 3.1 File System
310841Cached FRS Data on an NTFS Volume is Lost Under Stress
311405You May Be Unable to Install Drivers in the Tape Devices Tool in Control Panel
311967MS02-017: Unchecked Buffer in the Multiple UNC Provider (Q312895i.exe)
312035Authentication May Fail for Users Without a Windows NT Password Hash
312576User Without Shutdown Privileges Can Shut Down the Computer
313191Windows Update Catalog Is Not Available on Windows NT 4.0-Based Computers
313289HOW TO: Use the At.exe Command to Schedule a Backup in Windows NT
313364OpenGL-Based Program Causes Access Violation in Windows NT
313829Unchecked Buffer in Windows Shell Could Lead to Code Running
314147MS02-006: An Unchecked Buffer in the SNMP Service May Allow Code to Run
314960How to Install or Remove a Font in Windows
314984HOW TO: Create and Delete Hidden or Administrative Shares on Client Computers
315346"Error 1719. The Windows Installer Service Could Not Be Accessed" Error Message When You Try to Add or Remove a Program
316298HOW TO: Choose Between a Stripe Set, a Volume Set, a Stripe Set with Parity, and a Mirror Set
316304HOW TO: Configure a Stripe Set With Parity in Windows NT Server 4.0
316308HOW TO: Configure a Stripe Set in Windows NT Server 4.0
316311HOW TO: Configure a Mirror Set on a Windows NT Server 4.0-Based Computer
316340HOW TO: Use Backup.exe to Back Up Files and Folders in Windows NT 4.0
316348HOW TO: Add a Printer to a Computer in Windows NT 4.0
316992Windows Media Player Multimedia File Formats
317039Nothing Happens When You Double-Click the Modems Icon in Control Panel
317050"Disk I/O Error: Status = 00000001" Error Message Occurs When You Start the Computer
317053"STOP 0x00000067" Error When You Attempt to Start Windows
317128"Error Loading Driver" Error Message When You Open Display Properties Dialog Box
317189Error Message: Stop c000021a (Fatal System Error) The Session Manager Initialization Process...
317224"The Cdralw2k Service Failed to Start" Error Message When You Install Windows Media Player 7.0
318138MS02-029: Unchecked Buffer in Remote Access Service Phonebook Allows Code to Run
318149How to Maintain Current Registry Backups in Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000
318420Computer Hangs with a "STOP 0x0000000A" Error in Netbt.sys
318751HOW TO: Remove Administrative Shares in Windows 2000 or Windows NT 4.0 (Server)
318755HOW TO: Restore Administrative Shares That Have Been Deleted (Server)
319127Services Do Not Start and Event ID 7022 is Logged in the System Log in Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, or Windows Server 2003
319332Error Message: An Error Occurred Calling DllRegisterServer
319420Problems With Very High Data Rates Over TCP/IP With Windows NT
319504Error Message: The Name Limit For the Local Computer Network Adapter Card Was Exceeded
319624PRB: Incorrect Default DCOM Settings Cause Windows Installer to Stop Responding
320081You Cannot Delete a File or Folder
320206MS02-024: Authentication Flaw in Windows Debugger Can Cause Elevated Priviledges
320246Inherited Permissions Are Not Automatically Updated When You Move Folders
320454Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) Version 1.2.1 is Available
320483GMT Time Zone Transition for Daylight Savings Occurs One Hour Late
32069416-Bit Programs May Not Update the Screen on Processors Faster Than 2.0GHz
320920MS02-032: Windows Media Player Rollup Available
320944How to Turn Off the Processing of HTML Scripts That Are Contained in Windows Media Files
321454"At Least One Service Or Driver Failed" Error Message When You Start Computer
321521Documentation Error About the "Country=" Entry in the Config.nt File
321676MS02-032: Patch Available for WMP Active Playlist Vulnerability
321779Setting the Plug and Play BIOS Option (PNP OS) in CMOS Setup
321678MS02-032: Patch Available for Windows Media Player Cache Disclosure Vulnerability
323170HOW TO: Backup, Edit and Restore the Registry in Windows NT 4.0
323172Flaw in Certificate Enrollment Control May Cause Digital Certificates to be Deleted
323255MS02-055: Unchecked Buffer in Windows Help Facility May Allow Attacker to Run Code
323275How to Use Robocopy to Copy Security Information Without Copying Any File Data
323310A "Stop 0x1e" Error Occurs in NetBT in Windows NT 4.0
323327WM_TIMER Messages May Stop Being Delivered to Programs in Windows NT
323819Client Disconnects From Server if NetBT Headers Are Split Across Frames
324553CAPS LOCK Key State in MS-DOS Programs May Be Incorrect
324639NET.EXE /ADD Command Does Not Support Names Longer Than 20 Characters
325014Visual Studio .NET MFC Applications May Not Run on Windows NT 4.0
325122Internet Control Message Protocol "Destination Unreachable" (Code = 0x0D) Packets
325487How to Troubleshoot Network Connectivity Problems
326248Printer Driver Upgrade May Not Succeed with Windows NT4.0 SRP
326643NTFS May Not Detect When a CD or a DVD is Removed
326830MS02-045: Unchecked Buffer in Network Share Provider May Lead to Denial-of-Service
326922INFO: Redistribution of the Shared C Runtime Components in Visual C++ .NET (msvcr70.dll)
327250DirectDraw May Not Work After You Install Windows Installer 2.0
327447"Stop 0x1e" Errors Occur Intermittently in Windows NT 4.0
327618INFO: Security, Services and the Interactive Desktop
328310Flaw in Windows WM_TIMER Message Handling Can Enable Privilege Elevation
329095Computer May Hang if the Maximum Log File Size is Set Incorrectly
329115MS02-050: Certificate Validation Flaw Might Permit Identity Spoofing
329885Cannot Unlock Workstation With ForceUnlockLogon and Expired Password
331078The NETSTAT Command Incorrectly Shows Ports in Listening States
331953MS03-010: Flaw in RPC Endpoint Mapper Could Allow Denial of Service Attacks
810833Unchecked Buffer in the Locator Service Might Permit Code to Run
811003NETSTAT -S Output Displays a Large Number of IP Reassembly Failures
811286"An I/O Failure Occurred" Error Message When You Use RAID1 Mirroring on Windows NT 4.0
811493MS03-013: Buffer Overrun in Windows Kernel Message Handling Could Lead to Elevated Privileges (ntoskrnl.dll)
811528Command Prompt (Cmd.exe) Runs Files That Do Not Have Executable File Name Extensions
812492Error Message When You Start Your computer With a Non-System Disk
812780Windows NT 4.0 May Detect a Corrupted Registry and Stop Responding or Run chkdsk During Startup
814078MS03-008: Flaw in Windows Script Engine May Allow Code to Run
815021MS03-007: Unchecked Buffer in Windows Component May Cause Web Server Compromise (ntdll.dll)
815062The Correct File is Not Installed When You Chain Multiple Hotfixes
815065What is a DLL?
816071How to Temporarily Deactivate the Kernel Mode Filter Driver in Windows
816093MS03-011: Flaw in the Microsoft VM Could Enable System Compromise
816864Disk Administrator Stops Responding When You Try to Create More Than 61 Logical Drives
817435Memory Leak in FSrt Occurs When a Program Makes a Call to the CreateFile Function
817606MS03-024: Buffer Overrun in Windows Could Lead to Data Corruption
818200An Attacker With Physical Access to a Computer May be Able to Access Files and Other Data
818804HOW TO: Create an Autorun CD-ROM for Applications That You Create
819696MS03-030: Unchecked Buffer in DirectX Could Enable System Compromise
822061Getsockopt() Function Returns a Different Maximum UDP Message Size Than You Expect in Windows 2000 SP3 (Affects NT 4.0 SP6a as well)
822705How to Troubleshoot Registry Corruption Issues
823182MS03-041: Vulnerability in Authenticode Verification Could Allow Remote Code Execution
823297MFC 7.0 or 7.1 or Later Applications May Not Run on Windows NT 4.0
823559MS03-023: Buffer Overrun in the HTML Converter Could Allow Code Execution
823803MS03-029: A Flaw in a Windows Function Might Allow Denial of Service
823980MS03-026: Buffer Overrun in RPC Interface May Allow Code Execution
824105MS03-034: Flaw in NetBIOS Could Lead to Information Disclosure
824141MS03-045: Buffer Overrun in the ListBox and in the ComboBox Control Could Allow Code Execution
824146MS03-039: A Buffer Overrun in RPCSS May Allow Code Execution
824684Description of the Standard Terminology That is Used to Describe Microsoft Software Updates
824687Command-Line Switches for Microsoft Software Update Packages
824689Description of the Format of Microsoft Knowledgebase Articles for Microsoft Security Updates
825501RAS or RRAS Does Not Start When You Restart a Server That is Running Windows NT 4.0
825750How to Disable DCOM Support in Windows
827363How to Use the KB 824146 Scanning Tool to Identify Host Computers That Do Not Have the 823980 (MS03-026) and the 824146 (MS03-039) Security Patches Installed
827482The Explanation About the Current Commands Performance Counter Contains Incorrect Information
827529Multiprocessor Windows NT Computer Stops Responding
828026Update for Windows Media Player URL Script Command Behaviour
828028MS04-007: An ASN.1 Vulnerability Could Allow Code Execution
828035MS03-043: Buffer Overrun in Messenger Service Could Allow Code Execution
828154"Stop 0x1E" Error Message on Computers That Have Third Party Filter Driver Products
828741MS04-012: Cumulative Update for Microsoft RPC/DCOM
828789Changing Printer Settings Affects More Than One Printer at a Time in Windows NT 4.0
829302You Cannot Install a Service Pack, a Hotfix or Security Fix in Windows NT 4.0
830071Some Windows Procedures Do Not Work If the Remote Procedure Call Service Is Disabled
831579Windows NT 4.0 Client Computers Have Multiple Network-Related Problems After You Install the KB828035 Security Update
832002Stop Error Messages Occur When Atapi.sys Maps ATA Error Register Bit 01h
832353FIX: Some URL Script Commands Do Not Work After You Apply Windows Media Update From Knowledgebase Article 828026
835601You Cannot Copy the Contents of a Folder From a Remote Share if the Folder Contains Many Files and Subfolders
835732MS04-011: Security Update for Microsoft Windows
836955"Thank You ... Windows Update Site No Longer Offers Updates For Your Computer" Message When You Visit the Windows Update Web Site
837115Troubleshooting Profile Unload Issues
839334You Receive a Stop Error on a Windows NT 4.0-Based Computer With a File System Filter Driver
839645MS04-024: A Vulnerability in Windows Shell Could Allow Remote Code Execution
840987MS04-032: Security Update for Microsoft Windows
841356MS04-037: Vulnerability in Windows Shell Could Allow Remote Code Execution
841384"STOP 0x00000079" Error Message Appears on a Windows NT 4.0 Based Computer
841533MS04-031: Vulnerability in NetDDE Could Allow Remote Code Execution
841872MS04-020: A Vulnerability in POSIX Could Allow Code Execution
842715Overview of Problems That May Occur When Administrative Shares Are Missing
870544Unexpected Behavior When You Access Files on a Recordable CD or DVD
870763MS04-045: Vulnerability in WINS Could Allow Remote Code Execution
871262Shortcuts on the Desktop Do Not Work After You Install Security Update 839645 in Windows NT 4.0
872952You Cannot Run the Chkdsk.exe Program on NTFS File System Volumes on a Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4-Based Computer
873339MS04-043: Vulnerability in HyperTerminal Could Allow Code Execution
873350MS04-029: Vulnerability in RPC Runtime Library Could Allow Information Disclosure and Denial of Service
883935MS04-036: Vulnerability in NNTP Could Allow Code Execution
885249MS04-042: A Vulnerability in DHCP Could Allow Remote Code Execution and Denial of Service
885834MS05-010: Vulnerability in the License Logging Service Could Allow Code Execution
885835MS04-044: Vulnerabilities in Windows Kernel and LSASS Could Allow Elevation of Privilege
885836MS04-041: A Vulnerability in WordPad Could Allow Code Execution
888023How to Remove a Second Installation of a Windows Operating System From a Partition
890175MS05-001: Vulnerability in HTML Help Could Allow Code Execution
891711MS05-002: Vulnerability in Cursor and Icon Format Handling Could Allow Remote Code Execution
892641HTML Help Files Do Not Work Correctly After You Uninstall Security Update 890175 (MS05-001)
892675You Cannot Access HTML Help Functionality on Some Web Sites After Installing Security Update MS05-001
907749Basic Troubleshooting Steps for Windows Installer
940831How to Recover From a Computer Virus Infection and How to Prevent Future Infections From Computer Viruses in Windows Operating Systems


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