Windows NT 4.0 Registry Entries Reference.


The knowledgebase articles presented below describe most of the areas of the registry on a Windows NT 4.0 system. They provide details on what each key does, available options and data on how the settings affect system operation.

CAUTION: Do not attempt modifying any registry content unless you have a clear understanding of what you are doing. Invalid settings in the registry can render a system inoperable, and may require a major repair effort to return it to a functional state. Exercise EXTREME care whilst working here. For more information on the Registry, it's structure and function, see Microsoft Knowledgebase article 256986 (Title: Description of the Microsoft Windows Registry).

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NT 4.0 Registry Contents References.
Article NumberTitle
102993Registry Value Entries - General Introduction
102987CurrentControlSet, PART1
102985CurrentControlSet Entries PART2: SessionManager
102986CurrentControlSet Entries PART3
102984ControlSet\Select Subkey Entries
103000CurrentControlSet\Services Subkey Entries
102988Device Driver Entries, Part 1
102989Device Driver Entries, Part 2 Mouse/Keyboard Driver
102990Device Driver Entries, Part 3 Mouse/Keyboard Driver
102991Device Driver Entries, Part 4 SCSI Miniport
102992Device Driver Entries, Part 5
102999Network Adapter Card Entries, Part 1
102994Network Adapter Card Entries, Part 2
102973TCP/IP Transport Entries, Part 1
102974TCP/IP Transport Entries, Part 2
102995Network Services Entries, Part 1
102996Network Services Entries, Part 2
102997Network Services Entries, Part 3
102998Network Services Entries, Part 4
103001Network Services Entries, Part 5
103002Network Services Entries, Part 6
103003Network Services Entries, Part 7
103004Network Services Entries, Part 8
102967Server Service Entries, Part 1
102969Server Service Entries, Part 2
102981Workstation Service Entries
102960Fonts Entries
102963Software Classes Entries
102971Subsystems Entries, Part 1
102972Subsystems Entries, Part 2
102976User Preferences Entries, Part 1
102977User Preferences Entries, Part 2
102978User Preferences Entries, Part 3
102979User Preferences Entries, Part 4
102980User Preferences Entries, Part 5
102966Registry Entries for Printing

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