Windows NT 4.0 Useful Web Sites.

Information - Microsoft:

NT 4.0 Workstation Information

NT 4.0 Server Information

Latest Security and Service Pack Information

Windows NT 4.0 Workstation Resource Guide

Windows NT 4.0 Server Resource Guide

Interpreting BugCheck (STOP) Codes

DLL Information Database

MSDN Library (A Wealth of Technical Articles)

Windows Product Lifecycle Dates

Microsoft Help and Support Search Engine

Information - Other Sources:

Event Log ID Numbers

Registry Database - detailed explanations of the keys, values and data entries of the registry

CLSID and Startup Programmes Lists - an extensive listing of CLSID of Windows components and a list of programmes known to make themselves 'autostart' on your system.

Bear Windows - useful information on many aspects of varying versions of Windows including NT 4.0

Alter - additional drivers to improve NT 4.0 performance and additional information.

Useful Tools and Diagnostics:

Emergency Recovery Utility NT (ERUNT) and NT Registry Optimizer by Lars Hederer - great tools that allow you to 'grab' or backup LIVE registry hive files on a NT4.0 system and remove unnecessary clutter from the NT registry. (FREEWARE)

Off-Line Password Editor by Petter Nordahl-Hagen - allows you to reset the Admin password if you lose it without having to reinstall the whole OS. (FREEWARE)

SIV - System Information Viewer by Ray Hinchliffe - provides FULL reporting of virtually every aspect of a PC system hardware and Operating System.(FREEWARE)

KeyFinder by Magical Jelly Bean Software - allows you to recover a lost CD Key for an NT installation from the machine on which it is running. (Use V1.51 for NT4 - later versions don't currently support NT4.0) (FREEWARE)

Add-ons to Windows NT 4.0:

Several useful add-ons for the Desktop and Explorer are available as freeware. Read this page for full details.

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