Windows NT 4.0 and PPTP.

Windows NT 4.0 PPTP References
Article NumberTitle
154062How to Set Up a Windows NT PPTP Client
154674PPTP Registry Entries
158387RAS Server Cannot Use DHCP to Assign Addresses w/ PPTP Filtering
160174DOCERR: Steps to Make PPTP Connection Incomplete in WNTRK 4.0
161410How to Set Up a Private Network Over the Internet Using PPTP
162230Fragmentation and Performance Issues with PPTP Connections
162847Troubleshooting PPTP Connectivity Issues in Windows NT 4.0
164052PPTP and Interoperability with Other Local Machine Services
164601How to Enable PPTP Port for Network Monitor
169895Enabling 128-bit Encryption for Routing and Remote Access
174474Installing RRAS Disables 128-bit RAS Encryption
189594RRAS Upgrade for WinNT Server 4.0 Hotfix Pack 3.0 Release Notes
189595PPTP Performance & Security Upgrade for WinNT 4.0 Release Notes

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